Alison Jeavons

Practising Crystal Reiki Healing
Holistic Practitioner, Somatic & Trauma Informed Personal, Professional & Youth Mentor and Professional Creative whose work focuses on the intersection of emotional trauma, creativity and spirituality.
“Lives can unravel as a result of trauma and stress so it’s my greatest passion to bring healing, empathy and direction to those who have been through such experiences, helping them to create healthy perceptions of themselves for peace, creativity and completion”.

Phone Number: 021 0895 3636
Andie Bryan

I have been working with spirit since early childhood

I am an intuitive tarot reader and dream interpreter.

You can find me at the Psychic Cafe and you can also book a private reading with me, which I do from my home.

Phone Number: 027 967 3940
Belinda Spratt

I am a member of Healing Touch New Zealand Inc. I am trained in Unit 1,2,3 and in training for Unit 4 and 5. With the intention of applying for certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Touch International Inc.

Healing Touch is a therapy that is energy based,  with a non-invasive approach to health and wellbeing. It is complementary to modern health care and is practised worldwide throughout hospitals, nursing homes, schools/universities, hospices, private practises and private homes. The outcome being for the person to establish harmony and balance. A gentle touch on and/or off the body is used to influence the human energy system where the hands are used to balance the energy field and energy centres. This balancing affects the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of the person. It does not require manipulation of the physical body. Healing Touch can safely be used with individuals of all ages – from the smallest new born to the frail elderly.

Healing Touch can be used to –

Promote Relaxation

Reduce Pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress and depression

Facilitate faster wound healing

Assist in management of side effects of medical treatments

Promote health maintenance and illness prevention

I have come into my current work with Healing Touch for many reasons. Techniques delivered are from the hearts’ centre. Healing Touch NZ Inc has protocols being Codes of Ethics and Practise Guidelines which align with my own core values. I am a dairy farmer and my work and skills transfer through to the animals.

I undertake professional and personal development through monthly tutored continued educational classes in practical and theory and help out at the Unit courses. I enjoy reading books to support my development. I partake in self-care through meditation, receiving energy and body work. Water, nourishing food, exercise and rest are also important.

Phone Number: 027 463 9688
Chris Graham

Chris Graham is a Psychic, Medium and Healer.

He is a Certified Reiki practitioner.

But, the most important attribute Chris has, is his ability to relate to all people from all socio-economic groups; he is honest!

Phone Number: 021 47 4416
Derrell Walker

I have been working with Energy Healings and divination for over 20 years.  Trained in Usui Ryoho Reiki I also perform intuitive healings.   I provide divination and card readings that provide insight and understanding around life challenges and opportunities.  I work with clients in person, remotely, over the phone or video call.

Phone Number: 0211126673
Dianne Lovett

Clairvoyant Healer from Tokoroa.
Chakra Balancing, Healings
Spiritual Card Readings

Dionne Norman

I am a Reiki Master, practitioner and teacher. I love working with people to help them
re-connect, re-balance and re-align themselves to who they are, through the healing energy of Reiki.

Website: https://www.littlereikiretreat.com/
Mobile: 027 663 6763
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlereikiretreat/

Dionne Norman

I’m a member of Healing Touch NZ and I am working towards my Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner.
Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing, heart-centred energy therapy that uses gentle touch to clear, balance, restore and support the human energy system.

Mobile: 027 663 6763

Phone Number: 027 663 6763
John McMechan  Intuitive Energy Coach

Intuitive Energy Coach


“Unlocking The Power Within”

At Introspect we focus on transformative healing and life coaching through energy-based tools.

Our bodies are powerful healers. Through expanding our knowledge and application of awareness we help our clients work through blocks in their energy, their thought patterns and belief structures so that they can live their most abundant lives.

Our sessions focus on:

* Developing your self-awareness and tapping into your intuition.

*Understanding your soul lessons through your closest relationship reflections.

*Understanding your body language and unique energy system.

*Law Of Attraction coaching utilising your emotional guidance system.

Phone Number: 0212564434
Kay Debnam

One of the Bay’s up and coming practitioners making a name for herself. Kay loves healing and she also has a gift for Tarot. Certainly, her heart-sourced sincerity and desire to be honest, combined with her compassion and down to earth messages, makes her someone not to be missed.



Phone Number: 027 668 6609
Rob Osborne

Rob   Osborne
Clairvoyant / Reader      Healer      Tutor

Director of the Angelite Holistic Fair which he established in 2009 and operated in Auckland for 7 years  prior to moving the fair to the Ngongotaha Community Hall in Rotorua this year  (2019)

Rob has a wide range of experience working with Spirit for over 30 years in private practice and in the public arena at Mind Body Spirit types of fairs and Wellness Expos.

Phone Number: 027 295 3742
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