Ako is our resident Palmist. You can only find her at our regular Psychic Cafe events and from what people tell me, she is amazingly accurate with her palm readings!

Kevin Reed

Kevin does not do private readings now days, but he does still teach, runs workshops and is happy to answer questions.

Psychic, Kevin Reed did his first ‘reading’ when he was 16 years old; that was 45 years ago.

He is an entertaining speaker with a clever sense of humour, who is passionate about Spiritual Study, Psychic Craft and bringing Enlightenment into the 21st century!

Is a Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, with over 700 students.

Has been initiated with Shaktipat, a ceremony delivered from Master to Student in Tantra yoga.

Has been the Resident Radio Psychic with his weekly show on More FM Kapiti Coast.

Founded ‘The Psychic Café Tauranga, a meeting place for Spiritual fellowship.

He is a professional medium, psychic, healer, tantrika, Taoist, mystic and tutor of metaphysics.

Te Ara Clapperton

Te Ara comes to us from Rotorua. You will find her as the source of the table that laughs. She brings with her an exuberance and passion for life and spirituality and healing. As well as being a clairvoyant, Te Ara has an interest in Palmistry and Typography. She is an amazing artist!

Phone Number: 021 0262 1652
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