Spiritual Teacher

Brian Cattermole

Brian Cattermole is the founder of ‘Zenna’, a Spiritual Healing modality and has been part of the Healing Spiritual for many years; he is a healer, Psychic and Spiritual Teacher.

Brian resides in Rotorua.

Phone Number: 021 0272 8271
Kevin Reed

Psychic, Kevin Reed did his first ‘reading’ when he was 16 years old; that was 45 years ago.

He is an entertaining speaker with a clever sense of humour, who is passionate about Spiritual Study, Psychic Craft and bringing Enlightenment into the 21st century!

Is a Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, with over 700 students.

Has been initiated with Shaktipat, a ceremony delivered from Master to Student in Tantra yoga.

Has been the Resident Radio Psychic with his weekly show on More FM Kapiti Coast.

Founded ‘The Psychic Café Tauranga, a meeting place for Spiritual fellowship.

He is a professional medium, psychic, healer, tantrika, Taoist, mystic and tutor of metaphysics.

Pauline Martin Barrell

Pauline is a full-time intuitive psychic reader.  Although clairvoyance and clairaudience has become her preferred method or ‘medium’ to work in, some clients enjoy the visual experience that tarot & energy cards bring, and she is happy for them to make that choice when they book a reading.

Her dedication is equalled by her passion for the work she truly enjoys.  Everyone needs spiritual guidance now and then and Pauline can help you to connect more easily with the guidance you need.

For 20 years Pauline has honed her skills as an intuitive psychic reader and enjoys sharing her insights with her clients.   She is a certified Relaxation Massage Therapist & a Registered Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant who recognises and understands the importance of sound & touch in our daily lives to aid healing of the body & mind and how that affects our relationships & our soulfulness.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and choosing the right person to help you to make the connections you need can help you to tap into the resourcefulness that you perhaps never knew you had. The passion Pauline brings into her spiritual work comes from the heart and she enjoys helping people to connect with their loved ones ‘in the spirit realms’.

Pauline has also enjoyed working on stage with other mediums at Kevin Reed’s popular ‘Meet the Mediums’ show.  She is an avid supporter of local spiritual groups especially the Tauranga Psychic Café held on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month at the Greerton Town Hall & the Tauranga Spiritual Growth Centre on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month at the Tauranga Senior Citz Club Hall, which she was instrumental in setting up as a new generation of Spiritualist Church.


To arrange a booking check her website : https://www.paulinemartinbarrell.com

Or contact her direct

Cellphone: 0274 710 556

Email: paulinebarrell@icloud.com

Phone Number: 0274 710 556
Rob Osborne

Rob   Osborne
Clairvoyant / Reader      Healer      Tutor

Director of the Angelite Holistic Fair which he established in 2009 and operated in Auckland for 7 years  prior to moving the fair to the Ngongotaha Community Hall in Rotorua this year  (2019)

Rob has a wide range of experience working with Spirit for over 30 years in private practice and in the public arena at Mind Body Spirit types of fairs and Wellness Expos.

Phone Number: 027 295 3742
Sue Gaskell-Barlow

Life coach in Self awareness, slimming, spiritual, coaching, relationships, life skills addictions, social skills.


Phone Number: 0211078268
Yasamika Koombala

I was born dead.

My mother haemorrhaged during delivery and as a result she and I both died for a time.

During this time, my mother crossed over to spirit land in the 4th dimension. She spoke to some relatives before being sent back down to look after her newborn son.

My journey took me past the 4th dimension through to the 5th where I met beings of a higher consciousness who spoke to me. This encounter opened up a communication pathway in my mind which has never closed, and throughout my lifeI have had insightful gifts of a spiritual and soulful origin.

As a child I can remember wonderful men and women of light from many different cultures turning up vividly in my imagination to talk to me while I was going to school or playing down by the river. Because of how they felt I knew they were different from other people. I also knew that they were ‘the good guys’ so I was quite happy to chat away.

The Beings on High (as I know them) never gave me answers, but always expanded on what I already knew, encouraging me to think and see things from different angles to expand my perception.

As I grew up I became preoccupied with the business of being a little boy, teenager and young man and all that entails, so I began to filter out or block my communications with the Beings.

In amongst the distractions of life, I did have glimpses of my destiny. I remember my first atttempt at an all-night party with my mates; I was 13 years of age. We sat around a small table drinking warm, flat beer trying to last the night out. We got to talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. One mate said he wanted to be a playboy photographer for obvious teenage-boy reasons, and we all thought that was a good one! Another mate wanted to be a Formula One car driver because he liked fast cars and that was cool too.

But then my turn came, and I said I wanted to have the wisdom of the Universe!!

Well that stunned everyone including myself! No-one knew what it meant and I think that put an end to the night.

I finally owned what was happening to me in my early 30’s. Since then, to the best of my abilities I have based my life on the sacred awareness and principles I have been receiving for the past 25 years.

Once I had achieved a certain level of awareness and insight, the ‘Beings on High’ and my Soul purpose had me travelling the world – clearing and cleaning dis-harmonious levels of spiritual existence throughout different parts of New Zealand and other countries on Earth.

I recognised that we all have subconscious mind patterns from past lives, pre-conception, conception, gestation and childhood, which present in dysfunctional and disruptive behaviours as adults. When this information came to light I knew I needed to teach people of all ages about how the subconscious thinks, and how it creates patterns of behaviour which are perceived detrimental to their quality of life.

This is now one of my main areas of expertise; helping people to re-member themselves by giving them an awareness of subconscious mind programs and teaching them how the subconscious Ego uses these to create our lives for us. An important component of this work, of course, is teaching people how to clear these patterns from our subconscious storehouse of records.

I AM fully aware that those who want to evolve must ‘heal thyself’ from the inside out, so I help self-chosen people by sharing my awareness and empowering them with the understanding that what they have on the inside creates everything that they are trying to deal with on the outside.

All I know and share about the subconscious Ego has been learned through the observation of my own life experiences; how the Ego thinks and operates, it’s patterns and emotional rhythms, and it will be the same for you. Everything is right under our noses, we just have to learn to see it.

Read, listen or watch what I have to share. If it agrees with you, put it on a shelf within your mind, do something with it, and see how it goes.

You should never blindly believe what I say – or anyone else, for that matter!

Always try things out and get your own answers, look and perceive it for yourself.

Knowledge is knowing it, wisdom is being it.

Phone Number: 021 1622 946
Denis Skeet

Denis Skeet, author of ” Alchemy of The Soul “, a book that informs us about ” where we come from, why we’re here, and where we go when we die”, provides advice on the life of our immortal soul and it’s endeavours to become more highly evolved. He also provides information on what all this means in our daily life and how we can assist our soul on it’s journey to greater enlightenment.

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