Derrell Walker

I have been working with Energy Healings and divination for over 20 years.  Trained in Usui Ryoho Reiki I also perform intuitive healings.   I provide divination and card readings that provide insight and understanding around life challenges and opportunities.  I work with clients in person, remotely, over the phone or video call.

Phone Number: 0211126673
John McMechan  Intuitive Energy Coach

Intuitive Energy Coach


“Unlocking The Power Within”

At Introspect we focus on transformative healing and life coaching through energy-based tools.

Our bodies are powerful healers. Through expanding our knowledge and application of awareness we help our clients work through blocks in their energy, their thought patterns and belief structures so that they can live their most abundant lives.

Our sessions focus on:

* Developing your self-awareness and tapping into your intuition.

*Understanding your soul lessons through your closest relationship reflections.

*Understanding your body language and unique energy system.

*Law Of Attraction coaching utilising your emotional guidance system.

Phone Number: 0212564434
Kevin Reed

Psychic, Kevin Reed did his first ‘reading’ when he was 16 years old; that was 45 years ago.

He is an entertaining speaker with a clever sense of humour, who is passionate about Spiritual Study, Psychic Craft and bringing Enlightenment into the 21st century!

Is a Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, with over 700 students.

Has been initiated with Shaktipat, a ceremony delivered from Master to Student in Tantra yoga.

Has been the Resident Radio Psychic with his weekly show on More FM Kapiti Coast.

Founded ‘The Psychic Café Tauranga, a meeting place for Spiritual fellowship.

He is a professional medium, psychic, healer, tantrika, Taoist, mystic and tutor of metaphysics.

Pauline Martin Barrell

Pauline is a full-time intuitive psychic reader.  Although clairvoyance and clairaudience has become her preferred method or ‘medium’ to work in, some clients enjoy the visual experience that tarot & energy cards bring, and she is happy for them to make that choice when they book a reading.

Her dedication is equalled by her passion for the work she truly enjoys.  Everyone needs spiritual guidance now and then and Pauline can help you to connect more easily with the guidance you need.

For 20 years Pauline has honed her skills as an intuitive psychic reader and enjoys sharing her insights with her clients.   She is a certified Relaxation Massage Therapist & a Registered Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant who recognises and understands the importance of sound & touch in our daily lives to aid healing of the body & mind and how that affects our relationships & our soulfulness.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and choosing the right person to help you to make the connections you need can help you to tap into the resourcefulness that you perhaps never knew you had. The passion Pauline brings into her spiritual work comes from the heart and she enjoys helping people to connect with their loved ones ‘in the spirit realms’.

Pauline has also enjoyed working on stage with other mediums at Kevin Reed’s popular ‘Meet the Mediums’ show.  She is an avid supporter of local spiritual groups especially the Tauranga Psychic Café held on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month at the Greerton Town Hall & the Tauranga Spiritual Growth Centre on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month at the Tauranga Senior Citz Club Hall, which she was instrumental in setting up as a new generation of Spiritualist Church.


To arrange a booking check her website : https://www.paulinemartinbarrell.com

Or contact her direct

Cellphone: 0274 710 556

Email: paulinebarrell@icloud.com

Phone Number: 0274 710 556
Sue Gaskell-Barlow

Life coach in Self awareness, slimming, spiritual, coaching, relationships, life skills addictions, social skills.


Phone Number: 0211078268
Denis Skeet

Denis Skeet, author of ” Alchemy of The Soul “, a book that informs us about ” where we come from, why we’re here, and where we go when we die”, provides advice on the life of our immortal soul and it’s endeavours to become more highly evolved. He also provides information on what all this means in our daily life and how we can assist our soul on it’s journey to greater enlightenment.

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