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When is a foot massage not a foot massage?
When is a hand massage not a hand massage?
When it is Reflexology
So all those people who are running away right now, ashamed to show their feet, or simply cannot stand anyone touching their feet.
All is not lost. You do not have to miss out,because Reflexology is just as effective on your hands as the feet.
Oh now i have got you interested.
So how does it work?
Reflexology is a way of getting the body to heal itself. Very simply by using maps of the body on the hands. we can help the body when it is struggling on were to heal first.
You can feel tenderness and crunchiness in parts of the hands.Look up a reflexology map of the hands and Bingo you will probably find it matches up with problems you already have.
Please remember it does not make you a doctor, but it can assist your body to help itself.
Examples are, Shoulders,back and neck problems, headaches, sinus, reflux,irritable bowel, asthma and eczema to name but a few.
Interested and want to now more.
Try a beginners course in reflexology and learn something that will be a helpful tool for the rest of your life.
Beginners course running on Saturday 4th March 1-3pm at Hair Linez in te puke
Fee is just $20.00. Call Elaine on 5735361 to book in for this workshop.

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