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That crystals are not just pretty to look at. They have been used since forever and beyond.
What is our fascination with them. You can pick one up and it can give you the warm fuzzies, or you could take an instant dislike to them.
Believe or not we are connected to crystals be it that they closely vibrate to our own vibration. They are composed of the same minerals that we ourselves are also made up of. This brings us close together.
Sounds all new age doesn’t it. Go ask a scientist and they will give you a similar answer.
Crystals are natures little healers, whether we are aware of it or not. Some people just buy crystals because they look pretty and nothing else,people will tell me. This makes me laugh, because that is a healing in itself.They make you smile and feel good every time you look at them.Hello, there is your healing right there.
Then the lights go on when they show me the crystal and i give them its healing qualities. Jaws drop when the person realizes that is exactly the problem they are going through.
Believe it or not, crystals have a way of reaching out to us, whether you are aware of it or not. It is what they are here to do and so the seed of thought has been set and i know they will be back with a heap of those pretty little things to find out what they do, just in case of course.
I smile to myself, those pesky crystals are at it again, just as they worked a number on me, many years ago.
There are crystal workshop running through out the year or join the crystal meditation circle held in Tauranga 1st Tuesday of the month.
Te puke crystal meditation held on 3rd Tuesday of the month

Sat 1st April 1-3pm is a meet the crystal medium held in tepuke and come and see them in action.
Call Elaine on 5735361 for more information or to book in.
Crystal Healing and Readings are also available at Hair Linez in Te Puke. Old Railway Station, Jellicoe Street. next tp Pizza hut,

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