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That by having a simple facial massage can help sinus problems.
Really it is that simple.
So how does that work?
There is a technique using pressure points and lymph drainage massage that will help to move blocked sinuses ,helping to relieve headaches and a build up of pressure.
There are points around the eyes, nose and neck that when massaged correctly can give you relief. If you do this and use aromatherapy oils specifically for sinus complaints you have a great combination. Oils you can use are Eucalyptus(avoid if epileptic or asthmatic), lavender, tea tree to name but a few .
Add hot compresses during treatment and you will really shift stuff.
Want to learn more. Then book a sinus one on one tuition so i can show and teach you how to use various techniques. So you can apply these at home as and when needed.
To be used every time you feel pressure building up, gradually the more clear you keep those nasal cavities, the less you will need to use this technique.
Sinus one on one tuition takes about 40 mins for me to do a demo on you and show you how to carry it on at home. It costs less than your average facial prices and will help you throughout your life time.
Tuition fee is $50.00.
Call Elaine at Hair Linez in Te Puke on 5735361 to book in. It will not just help you but is safe to be used on your family as well.

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