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A massage is not totally finished without a head massage.
So you go for the full body massage. To remove all the aches and pains and toxins etc out of your system.
So all of you feels relaxed, but there is something not quite right, you feel unfinished. Too right its not quite finished.
That the top of the head, the scalp fascia connects from the top of the eyebrows to the bottom of the cranium and if still tight, which most often is, due to it being the first place to tense up with every day stress.When stressed you tend to rub the forehead.
This fascia connects to the top of the spine exactly were the top of the back and shoulder muscles connect.This muscles connection runs all the way down the spine through to the middle of the back approximately.
So were am i going with this. Quite simply leave this area tight and it will re-tighten and cause the pull of the the upper muscles and even the tops of the arms, which causes surrounding muscles to re-tighten,are you getting it yet.All muscles will be eventually effected and just re-tighten back up again very quickly.
Basically what a waste of a perfectly good massage.
So basically if you wish to get the best and longer lasting effect from your body massage ask your massage therapist if they include the head as well.
If you have any questions please contact Elaine at Hair Linez,
Old Railway station, Jellicoe Street, Te Puke on 5735361

Massage services are available at Hair Linez.
Back Massage 30 mins $40.00
Body Massage 1 hour $75.00
Body Massage 1 1/4 hour $95.00 including head massage.
All include the use of Aromatherapy oils.

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