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Not all aromatherapy oils are safe to use.
Well why would you? and more often than not people who sell them to you do not no either.Why would they they are not a qualified aromatherapist. They are going by the packet just like you are.(I am not saying it is all of them, but it does’nt hurt to ask).
Aromatherapy is a profession with a lot of study involved and many case histories to provide proof of what you have learned. I am not talking about your quicky course, this is more medical aromatherapy to actually help and assist the medical profession(if they would let us, but that is another story).
There are certain health issues that need doctors approval before using oils, or at least let your doctor know you are using them as this can effect medication your are taking.
conditions such as:
Epilepsy Fits can be bought on by the use of certain oils.
High and low blood pressure
Certain oils can lower or increase your blood pressure, so you had better pick the right one.

pregnancy. Certain oils can be used in pregnancy to bring on
contractions, great when you are overdue, not so great any other time.
Asthma. Certain oils are great to help breathing, but equally certain oils can bring on an attack.
Migraines .Oils can also trigger these.
There are so many oils out there to aid and assist you in all health issues, you just need expert advice to to get the right one.
That your age also effects the amount of oils you use.
Babies have a quicker circulation system and so do pregnant mums so will need less drops of oil, because they will absorb more and quicker. The elderly need less oil because there skin is thinner and so absorbs more easily.
So please at least do your homework first , these oils are there to help use and most often do in the right hands.

More information to come on oils and what can and cannot be used next week.
If you have any questions please contact Elaine on 5735361.
Elaine is a fully qualified Aromatherapist and has her own salon Hair Linez in Te Puke, Old Railway Station , Jellicoe Street.

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