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That when i do a day of readings, there is always some message for me too.
It will go on being repeated right throughout the day.
For instance, i was at the Psychcic Cafe In Rotorua last Sunday doing crystal readings and nearly every reading at some point did the pyrite stone appear.
So i get the feeling of sharing its meaning to remind myself and enlighten those who wish to know what that stone means to me. A stone that keeps coming up that often, indicates that there are alot of people going through this right now.
So here goes.
Pyrite could mean something totally different to you, but this is what it indicates to me.
This indicates that those upstairs(Guides, divine source, god ,what ever feels comfortable to you) are wanting to put their veil of invisibilty around you right now.
Why you are wondering?
It is about re-discovering you , without outside influences. It allows you to feel safe and secure in your own space, while the rest of the world carries on without noticing or influencing what you are up to.
It is about self discovery into who you once were and what  you have become. It is about peeling off the layers that belong to other people and their opinions that have become yours.
This is about having the strength and courage to stand in your own truth and not somebody elses. This gives you time to discover you and grow in the strength of that knowledge. When the veil is removed you are too strong to be influenced by others and their own belief systems(which may or may not work for them, but they are not your beliefs).
This stone is about people having to accept who you are and not trying to change you.We have all at sometime tried to be someone else just to make someone else happy.Problem is you find they are still not satisfied. So that’s two unhappy people now.If you feel you can not win, then what have you got to lose, you might as well just be yourself. You are you and standing in that changes the strength of your own energy. Some will accept this and accept who you really are, some will see that strength and know you can no longer be influenced to make themselves feel better.This is their own issue not yours.Some will simply just walk away.(not always a bad thing to happen).
That is why i call it my transformation stone.
A chrysalis to a butterfly some would say.
Have courage walk on and be you.
What a beautiful stone.

Written by Elaine Sollitt
Crystal healer and reader
Contact Hair Linez on 5735361

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