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So you are feeling good.(This is a note to self,yes that includes me too).
Thats great, but we tend to forget to look after ourselves in the time we feel good.That’s a bad habit to get into.
Let’s call it preventative measures. So get into the habit of doing this all the time and you could feel better for much longer.
Let’s give an example:
Laid up with a bad back? You know you have a weakness there, you take time off work and spend lots of money getting it sorted. Now you are feeling good again and of you go until the next time.
Let’s turn this around.
A little treatment on a regular basis will help to stop you getting that bad again.
Over time muscle tension builds up and although you feel okay you may get the odd twinge.
That odd twinge is telling you something.
It goes away and you ignore it, thinking it has sorted itself out.
All that is happening, is your muscles are tightening up to protect the affected area and will keep on doing that until it can take no more and gives you hell.Hey presto, we are back to square one.
Suffering form headaches that become more frequent over time is also another tell tale sign that something is not quite right.
Over a long period of time, tight muscles can put a strain on joints and cartilage causing wear and tear and can pull the spine out of alignment.
This can affect the way you walk, causing a knock-on-effect in other areas.
So remember once you have got your self sorted, don’t just walk away and leave it until the next time you are flat on your back again.
It only takes a 30 mins appointment once a month, to keep things in check. It also means if problems are arising you can just chuck in and extra treatment to get it sorted quickly and you are back on your way.You can avoid all that pain and discomfert, Really.
That using the preventative treatment method is more economical on your wallet.Usually you have less treatments this way,than needing more intensive treatment burst due to sevear damage to the area that has just been left to long.
Your older self with thank you for not wearing out your joints and spine prematurely.
You will find everyday life’s stresses and strains will be much easier to cope with. You will be able to live life more fuller and be more active, which will help you to feel good for more of the time and longer.It is truely something to think about.
Column written by Elaine Sollitt.
Qualified in Hair, Beauty, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and remedial Massage.All this treatments are offered at her salon.
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