We all know that all crystals have healing qualities.
That the shape of the crystal sets the way in which you get that healing vibration given to you.
If a crystal forms a point,the more direct hit you will get and the shift will be quick, sharp and to the point(no pun intended!!) It takes no prisoners and gets on with the job. The shift may feel uncomfortable and release emotions quickly. So if you wish to get on with it, crystals graduating to a point is for you.
Crystals that are round, will heal more gently and slowly over a period of time.Giving you time to adjust to the healing and energy shift.
Crystal clusters are excellent for putting in rooms, as the multiple points help to disperse energy and has the ability to hold the energy stable in the room. It creates a clear, even and calm environment.
I have one such crystal at home that is quite happy sitting there radiating a constant and even amount of energy all day long. It has taken upon itself that task and that is all it does, but put it in a meditation circle and it comes alive. it becomes a watcher and will pull those back down to earth who struggle to ground properly after meditation.
Now a pyramid. To me is special. When i am doing readings with my crystals and you get a pyramid, it means transformation in a big away. It is about stepping out of your box, your comfy zone and pushing your boundaries. Even just a little can move mountains on an energetic level.So many readings are about this at the moment.
These are just a few shapes to be thinking about. So remember, when choosing crystals look for the shape too, as it can make a difference to the healing qualities of the crystal.

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Elaine also does Crystal healing and readings from her salon
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