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The teenage years are difficult, hormones are all over the place, you’re treated like an adult one minute and a child the next.
To make matters worse, you have terrible skin. You just get rid of one huge spot and 10 appear in it’s place. There is nothing worse for your confidence than a face full of spots.I know parents say eat more healthily and drink more water, unfortunately though you do not want to admit it, they are right, but that does not solve the problem right now.
The key to clearing those spots is keeping your skin clean and stopping infection. Be careful what you buy as some products are so strong that they strip the skin of all its natural oils. This will only make the oil glands over-produce to compensate, making the skin become oilier more quickly.
These products also strip the skin of its natural protection, called the acid mantle. This can take up to 24 hours for it to recover, allowing bacteria to have a feeding frenzy on your skin.
Get in the habit of using a gentler more organic product daily.
Cleanse and tone twice a day to remove make-up dirt and grease bulid up.
Facial scrub nightly .To remove dead skin cells regularly none of those cheap plastic beady things.There are products with apricot kernal in them.Believe it or not spotty skin is sensitive to chemicals and may cause a flair up.
Mask once a week. Mud ones are great for drawing out impurities.
If you are really struggling there is one very effective salon treatment that is quick and inexpensive compared to other salon treatments.
Direct high frequency is an external treatment which dries, refines and heals the skin. Its action is also germicidal and anti-bacterial.
It does not strip the acid mantle leaving and also boosting your natural defences by leaving an ozone residue in the bottom of the pores, slowing down bacterial growth.It helps to heal spots and reduce scarring by speeding up cell renewal.
High frequency can be used as an ongoing treatment for acne control or as a one off treatment for those ball occasions or weddings.
Please contact Elaine at Hair Linez in Te Puke on 5735361 if you have any more questions.
Mention this column and you are welcome to come in and have a trial for $10.00. Cost is normally $20.00. Takes 5 to 10 mins.
This a great concept for boys as they will not be seen going into a beauty salon as it is a Hairdressing salon and takes no time to do.
Feel free to pass column on to those who may be interested

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