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That herbs and flowers from your gardens can be used as a gentle way of dealing with all kinds of hair and scalp problems.
Chamomile, Rosemary and nettle are all top herbs that have stood the test of time.
Rinses in the form of herbal infusions are among the simplest ways to benefit from the properties of the plants.
They are quick and easy to make.They have a variety of purposes from adding body and shine to reducing oiliness or treating dandruff.
As they are made with fresh materials, they won’t keep and should be used straight away.
Herbal rinses are a gentle but effective way to enhancing hair colour too.
An infusion of Chamomile flowers, for example adds sheen and lustre to fair hair, although it cannot lighten hair.
A Rosemary rinse for body and shine. Steep a small handful of fresh rosemary into approx 600ml hot water and steep for 2 hours.Strain and pour over the hair, catching it in a bowl and pour repeatedly.
Cider vinegar, to remove build up of products. 1 Tablespoon into 600ml tepid water and pour over hair for the final rinse.
So a Lemon is a fruit, but i will mention this.Lemon juice diluted in water can lighten blond hair, but please be aware to cover your hair in the sun as it interacts with the lemon. and we would like to keep your hair on your head and not in a bag. You have been warned
So my question to you is what have you used out of your garden and what effects did it have on your hair.
Please share your recipes so we can all have some fun trying them out.
Do a patch test of the product on your skin to make sure you do not get a reaction. If you have sensitive skin or cuts on your head then please avoid.I personally do not accept any responsibility for those recipes posted , just simply interested it what people know or have tried.
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