That just a simple thing as combing your hair can do irreversible damage.
But all is not lost. You can do yourself a favour by learning to comb your hair properly.
Wet hair can be very elastic. In some cases it can stretch up to half its total length again. Stretch it and you will see that it is rather like an elastic band, it will spring back. Stretch it too much and it will break or lose its elasticity.
Be careful when combing out tangles in wet hair.Always hold the hair at the roots and gently comb through the hair to avoid over-stressing.
Just pulling a comb through the roots to the ends and tearing through knots and tangles will be painful to you and cause hair to break and over stretch, causing the ends of the hair to look dry and frizzy.
Always ease out knots gently and hold below the area to avoid pulling. It does help to use a leave in conditioner or detangler to allow the hair to slip through a comb more easily.
Choose your comb carefully. A wide tooth comb comb will not stress the hair too much.
Having naturally curly hair myself, i tend to put in a leave in conditioner first and use my fingers to comb and detangle the hair. This stops the fragile curly hair from breaking and splitting at the ends.
Remember slow and gentle is the way.Your hair will thank you for it by behaving itself.
Here’s to more healthy looking hair.
Any questions contact Elaine at Hair Linez in Te Puke on 5735361

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