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That choosing the colour’s you wear in everyday life can reveal an awful lot about how you are feeling right now.
So use your colours to you advantage.
This includes job interviews, and to boost up your energy if it is a little low.
Not convinced?Then have a try and see how it makes you feel or the reactions you get from other people around you.What have you got to lose.
Scientists accept that different colours can effect the body.Some colours can raise the blood pressure and make use feel aggressive, while other colours can relax and lower the blood pressure. Some make us feel warm and happy ,while others make us feel cold and sad. We are familiar with “seeing red”,”feeling blue”,”Green with envy” and “purple with rage”.
So here are a few colours to play with.
relates to blood and circulation, happiness, anger and rage. So not so good an idea for interviews as can be seen as too in your face.
Relates to health, vitality, joy and creativity.
Is the colour of happiness and an energy booster. So yellow is great for a quick energy kick.
Soothes the emotions and offers a sense of freedom, harmony and renewal.
Is for change and is for clearing and refreshing the brain.
Is the colour of peace and communication. It is good for calm in stressful situations.
Is a colour for psychic energy and vision.
Is for inner peace. It increases the blood supply to the brain, stimulates the blood circulation and stabilizes aggression.
If you are tired try wearing pink or magenta to boost your energy levels.
If you wish to know in more details then a colour therapist is were you need to go. These are just very basic guidelines, but have fun trying them out and see whats happens.Or make your own colour guide for yourself, we are all different and what works for one will not always work for another.Just have fun and enjoy playing with colour.
You can contact Elaine at Hair Linez in Te Puke on 5735361.
Elaine offers talks to small or large groups on Reflexology, crystal Healing / messages and hair/skin care, feel free to enquire.

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