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That from time to time we forget things we have already learn’t. Things we used to do and no longer do.
We have moved on and left knowledge behind. We haven’t totally forgotten, but you get that reminder, that prompt,that moment when it slaps you in the face.
I had one such moment. How far i have come or is it regressed i am unsure.
I relied on my garden so much more for basic things,cleansers, toners, antiseptics, headache remedies and so on.
I have moved on to crystals, for healing. Nothing wrong with that, works a treat, but i got a swift reminder the other day. That those Remedies still pack a punch when you least expect them to.
I always have Aloe-Vera, Lavender and basic herbs in my garden.(No Anti-septic creams in my house !!).Having moved i was short of a Lavender bush or two.
I was talking to a friend who has a huge bush at her house and said help yourself and so i did.
So of i went and came back with bags full of the stuff. So i promptly started to make smudge sticks by the dozen. Something i have not done for a long time. The smell was fantastic, i’d forgotten how relaxing doing this task was.
I had to laugh to myself, dog was fast asleep in the lavender and my sinus headache i had suffered with for 2 days had gone,
So wrapped up in my crystals i had forgotten the potency of Lavender.
A reminder to self,to include all Knowledge learn’t past and present. Just think how powerful a concoction that would make.
So back to bubbling and brewing again with the inclusion of crystals.
It’s called balance, neither taking a priority. just healing in harmony.
wow what a lesson to learn.
Happy Days people.
Column wriiten by Elaine Sollitt of Hair Linez, Te puke.

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