Going’s on at the Rotorua Psychic Cafe


Funny day at the rotorua psychic cafe yesterday. Elaine got her ass kicked by them upstairs. You see all but one person got the charoite stone, which means to me, put your mediumship hat on Elaine . There are people passed over who want to describe who they are and give proper validation, so those that are thinking about them know they are ok People got to see that though they come for guidance and messages for themselves, that sometimes they are there to push buttons and take me out of my comfort zone and progress myself, for that i thank you for sitting there and allowing me the time to do just that.I look forward to those giving me feedback on messages that needed to be passed on to those that were not there that day.
.Lesson for the day for me was push your boundaries, how will you ever know what you are capable of until you do. Lesson learn.t(i think).
Have a great day

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