happenings at the crystal table!!!!!!!

What a wonderful night last night at the psychic cafe tauranga . It has been a while since the crystals made an appearance here. It was lovely to catch up and also meet new people.
So when doing these evenings there is always a theme running through when people choose a crystal.

What was it you are wondering.?
Moss agate was the favourite of the evening.With Blue Lace Agate coming in a close second.
So the therne of the night was.

Time seems to be running a little slow for some people at the moment and things do not seem to be getting done as quick as we would like it to. Frustrating times for many.
Moss agate is a very slow acting stone that likes to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s before moving on. It is a strong methodical stone that works slowly but surely. So have patience because you will look back and really see how far you have come on your journey.
Blue lace agate is the stone of peace, calm and tranquility, which quite afew people were just about to get(sigh of relief for many).
There seems to have been alot of fire energy around this year, much upheaval, stressful situations that many have had to play the adjudicator role.So it is also a time to re-energize and have time out for ourselves.
So a big thank you to those who came to the crystal table,i hope you had fun i know i did.

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