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Mount centre update

Just to let everyone know, That the centre will continue business as usual.
Jan 31st will be the all awaited fledgling night(info and advert to follow shortly).
As of Feb the centre will be handed back to Sue Buckland,the creator of this beautiful centre some 18 years ago.
So we all got a bit of a shock. We nearly lost this treasure of a place that has in some way touched all of our hearts at some point. Lets nurture our centre and make sure it never happens again.

So Elaine (thats me writing), will be back on the face book advertising to help out and hopefully when i have finished moving and life is not quite so crazy i will be able to contribute more.
Lets all give a last show of support on the 31st for the out going committee, who have done such a wonderful job for so long. May you put up your feet and enjoy life and know you have done such a good job.

And the mount centre lives happily ever after.
The End

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