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Zoe Wilkinson is a NLP Practitioner, Trainer, Coach and therapist working with people to make extraordinary change in their lives for increased self esteem, success, and satisfaction. Ask yourself, what do I want? and then ask yourself why you don’t have it yet.. what is getting in the way of living the life you want to live?
Zoe is a very interesting lady, who has been before to the mount centre. So interesting a night was had, that for those that missed the night, we have requested her back again and for those who just want to hear more from Zoe, we welcome her back.
So come down and stay for a coffee and a chat afterwards, to mingle and get to know this group of friendly like minded people

Entry $5.00 includes your entry into a raffle.
Omanu bowling club, Golf Road.
Link below will give you more info on Zoe

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