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Maxine Espinoza

I have always been passionate about the sky at night, with the stars and astros that surround us and the power of the Universe that they represent. Therefore I decided to take an Astrology Course to understand more than only knowing my star sign, and when I did I discovered there is so much more influence we can receive from the astros that I could possibly imagine.

In an Astrological reading you can understand how your behaviour, attractions and gifts manifest in your life. Each Astrological House will be a slice of your life containing the strongest tendencies for this lifetime.

There are a few different types of readings I work with, such as Birth Chart, Solar Return Chart, Relocated Chart etcetera.

Self knowledge is a door only you can open and experience its blessings, and Astrology is a great tool to open it. I want to help you use it!


Cellphone: +64 21 157 6494

Instagram account @astro.chats