What a fantastic night .The crystal table was full on last night with fellow crystal admirers.I love it when people just don’t want to leave until they have got every last drop of learning out of you lol.
We had fun watching people arrive on the table and be asked to pick a crystal they didn’t like.There were a few funny faces pulled and lots of laughter.
A crystal you don’t like is just as important as a crystal you do like. It is saying we have a big issue here we need to sort out and get you moving on.Think about it, it is literally rubbing you up the wrong way for a reason.”HELLO,HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS.CAN WE GET THIS DONE NOW AND MOVE ON”
There was head shaking from spirit and humans alike, cause everyone knew this was an issue cropping up on a regular basis.
It was interesting to say the least.
Star crystal of the night was citrine.
There seems to be lots of energy flying around in a chaotic manner at the moment. It leaves people running around and getting nowhere in a hurry.
Phase of the night was” It’s only a breath away”.So simple a breath gives you time to ground your energy, settle it and put it to good use.
By request another meet the crystals workshop will be run again sat 14th oct 1-3pm, Hair linez te puke. An event will be put up shortly.or like,Hair Linez or Welcome Home Spiritual Community fbk pages to see what i am up to.
Thank you for those that came to the table and made an awesome night.
Elaine Sollitt

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