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We support our local practitioners because they will be here for us. Unlike a practitioner from overseas or outside our district, who arrive, do their stuff and then disappear to be never seen again. There is no support, or follow up there. So we are Local Lovers Only!



We are Tauranga's hub for the Spiritual, Psychic and Healing practitioners in the area. We facilitate, enable a place for us to meet so you can discover. We also run classes and assist those new to the area and new to the lifestyle, a way to make themselves known to the community.

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All our practitioners subscribe to our code of ethics. We police our work, stay within the law and do our best to maintain a level of professionalism and standards.


Our role is to facilitate and not to judge. So, our practitioners are all unique with their own outlook/experience/skills and beliefs. It is not our job to say who to follow, who is good, who to avoid etcetera. Our job is to facilitate - to provide to you, the community, an array of modalities and practices to select from. Who is good or bad? - That's your role, not ours! if you like, go to; if you do not like, do not go to - easy really. But heaps to choose from.

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You pay $20 at the door and once inside - everything FREE. Free refreshments, access to Psychics, Healers, Coaches and whoever and whatever. It is not about the money but more so, it is about the opportunity. Where else can you get access to such a range of practitioners, all together at the same time, and with free refreshments and drinks; where else can you get this, in today's economy - for $20! You get it HERE!