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Accept, honour and create a new tomorrow. It is that simple.

Central Overseer

The mind and brain is our only central interpretation centre. It interprets our senses, our stimuli on all levels. It interprets messages from spirit, feelings, emotions, memories, words, colours, sounds, tastes…everything. Our self is stimulated by an outside source and it is our mind that gives that stimulus a language for us to understand. This is important because, taking into consideration the flaws of wishful thinking, self validation, perceptions and prejudices and the laziness of the mind, this is the only, yes only tool, that we have to work with if we wish to change any state of being.

The Battle 

Consider you have a mind and you have a heart, Your heart is your core truth, the real you, the real real you deep down in side that has wants and needs. Your mind is your headspace, programmed by your upbringing and your consequent philosophy, programmed by fear and need to be accepted.

Your heart says it wants to dance and your mind says it is not cool to dance. What will other people think of me, is this appropriate right now, so on and so forth. When your mind allows your heart to shine through it so that it dances when it wants then your mind and heart work in harmony. When your mind over rules your heart and stops it from being then your heart is suppressed and not liberated. Happiness is when your heart and mind work in harmony, unhappiness is when they don’t.

Your mind wants to control your environment whereas your heart wants to surrender to itself within the environment. When your expectations are not met it is your mind not getting its way and we often forget about our heart altogether and this too is unhappiness. In fact like two rocks clashing against each other and giving of sparks, when your mind and heart clash the sparks are what we call emotions. The secret is that what ever you do, it is perfect for you, so accept that what is just is and move on.

It is your journey and nobody can walk your path for you and often advice they give you is fraught with their own prejudices and therefore should not be trusted. You may have heard of the expression, ‘the fall of the dice’/ we think life is left to chance just like a fall of the dice. But if you knew all the ingredients and variables that went into the dice falling, for example, how much force used to project it, projection angle, air resistance, shape of dice and bounce in the landing area, then you could actually use all these variables and accurately predict at what number the dice would fall to. In this scenario we learn that nothing is by chance. Your variables are your life’s experiences, and taking into consideration all the things that make you you, the environment, the betrayal, your vulnerability and so on, then the way you act to any situation is to be expected, it is predictable because considering all the circumstances around you, you can not act any other way than the way you did or do.

So, firstly, accept that if you were angry then that was a perfect expression and manifestation of you. Do not ever feel guilty for being who you are. Hence the question of happiness is not what you do but rather which variables will change the way you react to things. This is where the understanding of just accepting life enables you to move on. This is where the understanding of being true to your heart and working in harmony with mind allows you a liberation and freedom beyond your dreams.

When I say be true to your heart I am not talking about following your heart, Your own heart can not always be trusted, It is lead by your groin or your head, by wishful thinking or self validating actions, No, Rather, be true to your heart means rip it open, examine who you really are, what you really want and then be true to that. Does this all make sense

Happiness is a measure of self-appreciation and self-honesty. It is about empowerment and not disempowerment. Every thing that people advise you ask, does this empower me or disempower me? Even in your unhappiness the other people are who they are. Accept, honour and create a new tomorrow. It is that simple.

Living in the past directs your own energy to the past. You can not trust the past for our memories are prejudice, we see and remember only what our mind wishes to see and remember, so rather than give your energy of today to feed a memory of the past, why not just give your energy full focus for the present.

Kevin Reed ©2006