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Card of the Day ~ Vanity 🪞

Aqua People
‘I need more, better, bigger. Yes, that will make me okay’
The tenuous balance between what is true in our heart + what we communicate is reflected in Aqua. Are you living + communicating your truth or just playing along? This may be a time of awakening to a new way of being. Be aware of distractions that may pull you away from the true you
The Legend…
Crystal, Peter + Mike are at a party in Mike’s posh home, toasting success in their business. A mysterious old man appears + asks them whether they prefer gluttony or generosity. Puzzled, none of the answers. He reminds them that more does not mean better, + they laugh. Suddenly, they are alone, far from the party, in rising water. “We are getting more!” cries Peter. Rain falls + the water rises faster. “Play!” shouts Crystal. “We must do well with what we have”. As they begin to have fun in the water, the rain stops
We all say we will stop when we have enough, but there’s never enough. You may be looking outside yourself for validation
Personal Inquiry…
Am I feeling disconnected from any people in my life? Am I growing away from limiting relationships?
Key Ideas…
  • Environmental tension
  • Living in illusion
  • Self-doubt
  • Power to change
  • Lesser companions
  • Empty conversations
Faith, awareness, transformation
Visualise an Aqua light within you. Imagine people you love surrounding you. Feel the light building + spilling onto your loved ones. Send gratitude to those you love + those you have yet to meet. Bless them all. Notice the energy + any message that you receive
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