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1st October 2023
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Most frequent questions and answers

No, we are not a cafe but rather, we are a regular meeting of psychics. healers and spiritualists that you can have access CAFE STYLE. Cafe style as in we have group tables, free food and refreshments and a relaxed no rules way of doing things.

There is a one time only door fee of $20; after that, everything is FREE. Yes, we ARE NOT a psychic fair where you have to pay to see the practitioners, but rather, we are a Spiritual, Psychic and Healing regular meeting for all. One time only fee to help us cover our expenses, that is all!

Sometimes practitioners bring products for sale like crystals, bracelets etcetera.

Yes we are – but, it goes both ways – we are not a baby sitting service. we have colouring in books and crayons for children however, ultimately, they are your responsibility.

You will have access to readers and healers, however, because this is a cafe style meeting, you will most likely get a ‘taster’ or shortened service. Luckily, the practitioners are able to take private bookings for full services.

Twice a month: First and Third Sunday, at The Greerton Community Hall, starting 7pm and finishing 9pm.  Recommend you arrive before 7pm!

No you do not. We have up to 30 readers/healers and refreshments – all free. Once you pay your $20 to get in the door, everything is free and you can see who you want when you want – no rules.

Mind you, there is usually a lot of people, so while you wont get a full reading, you will get something. See the event as a taster evening. You get to experience the practitioners work – and if you like what they do, grab their business card and make a booking for a full session. enjoy.

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