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Kevin Reed

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Who we are. What we do.

We are a growing group of the Bays’ top Spiritual, Psychic and Healing practitioners who choose to share our passion with you in a relaxed cafe style gathering.  We recognize that this is the 21st Century; people may be looking for confirmation, guidance or just to be around ‘like-minds’ in a friendly and safe environment.

What Our Visitors Say About Us

Fantastic evening, great practitioners, awesome energy! I can’t believe I only paid $10 for all that I gained. Thank you so much!

Tammie Irvine

Really great night. Met some really great people. I’ll be back next time.


Abbey Lou

Great night. Thank you! Look forward to coming back.


Jenna McCready

Awesome kaupapa, awesome atmosphere and you leave feeling just as awesome!!

Kelz Tamanui

Latest News

By Aletheia Luna We’ve been the rubbernecks.  The doormats.  The wishy-washy, watery weaklings.  Us introverts have had plenty of experience of being the unheard, uninvolved …
by Susanne Kempken  (Australia) The sky was a vivid blue, the sun was shining bright and a mild breeze made the day perfect …
Researchers found that, "people are perceived to be cooler when they smile compared to when they are inexpressive." For many people, one of the …
Why do people stay in unsatisfying romantic relationships? A new study suggests it may be because they view leaving as bad for …
Have the ill effects of sugar been over-emphasized? Over the past 50 years researchers, clinicians, professional organizations, and health charities have waged war on …
By analyzing people's personal stories about their near-death-experiences, researchers look deeper into the chronology of different types of near-death-experiences No one …
PRESENTING WED 10TH APRIL AUTUMN FALK Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Shiatsu Practitioner. Trained by leading herbalists and iridologists in Germany, at the “Institute of …
INTERESTED IN HEALING WITH CRYSTALS This is the workshop for you!!! Come learn ,experience and have ago at some interesting techniques. Chakra balancing …

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