Awakening your purpose takes the same practice, persistence, and patience as developing any new habit.  Enjoy these awakening tips. 

Awakening Tips for a Spiritual Journey

Awakening is a process towards self-discovery that we are so much more than we perceive to be. Here are four tips to help you on your spiritual awakening.

Awakening Tip #1 – Your Health “IS” Your Wealth!

Getting good rest, staying hydrated, eating healthy with supplements while we age is the secret of awakening.  Staying active through several different forms of exercise for the body, mind, and spirit is a great way to stay connected to ourselves, (including our “higher self”), the “unseen” world, the universe, angles, guides, ascended masters or whatever belief system we hold dear and true for our daily awakening process. When we allow our internal guidance system to activate or “awaken” through our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies that we all have in our journey, we can move into a new sense of freedom that the awakening process brings and no longer become bogged down or concerned by dull, inanition or insignificant substances, experiences or people. We remember that the physical body is the ship that guides us through the many rivers of life. Then,  using our emotional and mental bodies as our navigation system, and keeping our vessel clean, stocked, strong and sturdy with the mission to always be moving forward and having the awakening process be the “lookout” then prepare to receive messages we are all seeking in life.

Awakening Tip #2 – Embrace, Expand, Evolve the Mindset

The human mind or “supercomputer” for the human experience is full of incredible ideas, creative knowledge, abilities, and power! Many times, during our journey we can get stuck in certain ways of thinking, acting and responding to experiences on the many roads of life. When we become a life-long learner and a student of life we can embrace and expand our experiences in trying new things. By supporting a healthy brain with active lifestyle practices, we can keep our supercomputer up to date with several different programs, applications, and mindfulness in the world around us. If we engage with our senses of breathing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching and hearing within our external environment, an awakening occurs when we have learned or experienced something new. Explore and discover new ideas, different belief systems, read a book, attend a workshop or lecture, have conversations with other people who have lived different lives than our own and most importantly be aware of thoughts both positive and negative. If we typically think negatively about things, people or places, we can start being “mindful” by having those thoughts be more neutral and work our way up to a positive way of thinking every single day. Studies time and time again have shown several benefits of positive thinking including a longer lifespan, decreased stress, stronger psychological health, and improved coping skills during difficult situations. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” -Wayne W. Dyer

Awakening Tip #3 – Clear Out, Prioritize, Simplify (C.O.P.S.)

Start by making room! Clear your space of the stuff that you no longer need, the stuff that merely serves as a distraction from your life. Moreover, while, yes, decluttering your physical space is important, it’s also important to declutter your mind. Take time every day to sit in silence and solitude. Allow your thoughts to pass without judgment, and slowly watch your mind clear of mental clutter. Meditation allows you to relax into what is presently true-and what is always present for all of us is that there is only love, no fear-and offers you a greater connection to your intuition (another language form of spiritual guidance).

Awakening Tip #4 – Hold On and Get Dragged or Let Go and Be Free?

The reality is you can’t force a spiritual awakening. Anyone can have one-and following tips like the ones in this article will help you in that effort, but there’s no prescription for enlightenment. Could you do what you can, then let it go? If you’re attached to the idea of having a spiritual awakening (and attached to your idea of what a spiritual awakening looks like), you’re far less likely to experience one. Know that you are on the perfect path for you.

Keep in mind that a spiritual awakening is not necessarily a one-time thing. The spiritual path is a lifelong journey of growth. Continue to follow the steps above, and you will undoubtedly find yourself “waking up” to new awareness and deeper consciousness repeatedly.

“Life is the DANCER, and you are the DANCE.” -Eckhart Tolle

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