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Do you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks?

by Dr. Paul Haider

Panic attacks and anxiety are very common. People have so much going on that cause many challenges. Over time, those challenges can develop into panic attacks and anxiety. But here are a few spiritual ways heal and feel great again.

1. Breathing Techniques Ease Panic Attacks and Anxiety

  • Square Breathing: Simple breathing-in slowly for the count of four, holding that breath for the count of four, and then breathing out over the count of four is a great breathing technique that is very good for calming the mind and body.
  • 24 Mega Breaths: Just breathing in a mega breath-one, large, deep breath and slowly letting it out, and doing this 24 times, is a technique many find is simpler than square breathing. For many people, it works wonders, and this process also helps a person to relax enough so they can get to sleep and wake up refreshed. Also, once the body starts to relax, all the stored-up muscle tension in their neck will start to relax, cramps start to disappear, and tension headaches and even migraines start to fade away.

2. Correct Imbalance to Heal Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Limbic System Imbalance: On average, many of us overthink everything, and most of this thinking has nothing to do with what we are working on or the events that are taking place. Thus, we have hundreds of thousands of thoughts that run through our head daily. Many of these are negative thoughts, which create a critical imbalance of hormones in our brain’s limbic system. Once we start thinking positive thoughts, our hormone imbalance corrects itself and we start to feel peaceful again. This is true science and the answer to correcting this challenge is simple.

3. Change Thoughts to Heal Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Negating Negative Thoughts: There is a psychological and spiritual process which helps to balance our brain’s limbic system. When a person has negative thoughts running through their mind, it’s important to write down that thought and then refute that kind of thinking with a positive answer. For example, “Today is going to be terrible,” and then writing down, “Yesterday was great and today will also be great.” In essence, changing the way we think. This practice slowly aligns ourselves with positive thoughts and letting go of all negative thinking. It is a process that takes time, but with practice, our limbic system starts to heal. We start to hear the still small voice of God, which is the positive voice within.

4. Positive Ways to Heal Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Seeing the Good in All Things: As with thoughts, it is very easy to look at other things in life and see the bad that might come from it. With practice, this can change to become a person who has a positive mindset! Everything that happens in life has good and bad that spreads from that one single point in time.

It may take years for the good to come about, but eventually, the good does override the negative in life. This is called “God Mind,” and it is about seeing the good that will come from everything. If we train our mind to have the focused hope and belief that something good will come from a negative event, we start balancing our brain’s limbic system and start feeling good again.

5. Fill the Mind with God to Heal Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Saying the Name of God Over and Over Again: Start silently saying a personal name of God over and over again. It might be Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or any other name, but it needs to be more personal than just “God.” Whenever the mind is not being used for some specific purpose, fill the mind with the name of God. I have seen great miracles happen when people start filling their mind with the name of God instead of incessant thinking. This technique brings about a peace beyond words… perhaps that best word that might be used to describe it is “grace.”

These five simple techniques can make all the difference in the world when it comes to healing panic attacks and anxiety.

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Paul Haider is a spiritual teacher and master herbalist for over 25 years. Find Dr. Haider on Facebook under “Dr. Paul Haider, Healing Herbs,” at the Shambala Spiritual Transformation Institute, his WordPress blog, “Relax Into Success,” and at

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