You are currently viewing A message from The Psychic Café – What’s happening what with Covid and the like!

A message from The Psychic Café – What’s happening what with Covid and the like!

Firstly, it has been August 2021 since our last newsletter. Initially, the newsletter was sent every fortnight, but what with Covid and lockdown that started August this year – we have not been operating per se and no newsletters have been sent consequently.

However, it is about time we got back into the swing of things.

What you need to know is that under the Covid traffic light system, we are unable to run the fortnightly Psychic Café meets because we are unwilling to discriminate between vaccinated passport holders and other. In this vein, it looks like until the current Covid environment in New Zealand relaxes somewhat, we will remain closed in the meantime.

So, if you want to meet likeminds, explore practitioners and the like, it seems online is the option left open to us. We will not however, run ‘zoom’ like online meets because this goes against the whole concept of The Psychic Café. The Psychic Café is more than just getting a reading or healing. If this were the case, we may as well be just another Psychic Fair. That concept is outdated and, in our opinion, condescending, patronising and dishonouring of you, us and Spirituality in general. Therefore, we will be concentrating more on keeping our contact lists, about practitioner advertorials and newsletters with interesting articles etcetera as our focus for 2022. Look forward to more regular newsletters again!

Keep in touch, ask us questions, share your stories and if you are a practitioner, let us advertise your contact details and what you do.

As for now, we wish you all a Family Xmas, a Restful and festive time and a fresh breath of air for 2021, when it arrives!

Thanking you all kindly for your support.

Kevin Reed and The Psychic Café team.