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Sick of yourself? Looking for a change?


Some say stop, sit still and find yourself. Some say move, go out and find yourself. We say just be. Just be yourself. It is absurd to think that you are not you and that you must find you somewhere else. Whether it my outside or inside your self. Just stop looking for something that already is. You, yourself does not need to go out and find another aspect, another set of clothes. Just be. Know that you are you and be happy with the you that you are. If you do not like you then why go and find another you. Instead learn to like you – it will save you a long and probably needless journey.

Journey! Why must we always go on some journey to find ourselves when in fact it is in the body, in the self that we are travelling the journey. It is absurd. It is like saying I am going out to find a flash red car and you go out on the mission travelling in a flash red car. Gee, you were looking for something that you already had!

Do not make life complicated. Do not fall in to the trap of going through journeys and trials and tribulations. Acknowledge that you already are. You can be nothing else than what you already are. You are you.

Ah, I hear you say, but what if you do not like the you that you are. What if you want a change, a fresh new persona. New persona’s are like new clothes – they still hide the naked unchanged body that wears them.

The secret is in not changing but in accepting. You do not need to go out or go in to do this. All you  need to do is wake up one morning and say to yourself, ‘I AM ME!’, and if others do not like you for what you are then that is their problem and not yours. NO MORE will you be what others want of you. JUST BE WHO YOU ARE. It is good enough for God to accept you as you are, why is it not good enough for you?

Kevin Reed 1996

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