In Chinese astrology, your year of birth defines your characteristics and personality. Below is a brief look at what some of those characteristics: –


RAT – seen as charming personalities who make good friends easily. They are intelligent, practical and very social. They can be a little bit secretive and opinionated at times but hide it well.


OX – They display common sense and practical skills but can be seen as very stubborn at times. Often very inflexible, but sometimes shy and reserved – on the outside at least! They are good at making plans and are very meticulous in order to succeed well.


TIGER – can be very cunning and unpredictable, making it difficult sometimes to understand. They are very independent and love freedom, so resent restrictive relationships of any kind. Because they are apt to change their minds frequently, planning projects with them can lead to frustration. Treated with respect they can be loyal and loving.


RABBIT – they have a desire to succeed and have a manipulative streak, so beware! Very sensitive in nature they don’t deal well with pressure.


DRAGON – strength of character here. Often impulsive but assertive and not very patient and best not to argue with. Can be caring and loving, but on their own terms.


SNAKE – very reserved and quiet they make good friends, but beware! They can be charming and sensual on the surface, but they keep themselves to themselves. As they can turn and strike quickly it is best to stay on their good side!


HORSE – very noble and elegant with a sometimes fiery unpredictable side. They also have a good sense of fun and high energy, but sometimes get a little too carried away.


GOAT – seen as kind and caring, they love to be the centre of attention and crave to be liked by everyone. They make good loyal friends, but don’t upset them as they can carry a grudge for a long time.


MONKEY – love to get their own way I everything they do. Can be mischievous and always seem to be on the go. Their ego is huge and needs boosting frequently. Challenges excite them as they are fearless and are excellent at resolving problems.


ROOSTER – although reliable and trustworthy they can also be very fussy and being very tidy-minded won’t tolerate mess and disorder. They speak their minds regardless of what others might think.


DOG – charming and loveable they make very loyal friends and tend to be optimistic on their outlook on life. They don’t take kindly to confrontation and if put on the spot they will fight back for all they’re worth!


PIG – very hard-working but being shy by nature they often find it difficult to make friends. However, loyalty is one of their characteristics, so it’s worth you making the effort to get to know them as the rewards will be great.

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