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Crystals for a Wonderful Home

Formed millions of years in the past within the core of our planet, crystals are gifts from the heart of the earth.  They appear tranquil, but each one is a powerhouse of energy at a molecular level.  Every different type of crystal has its own signature, that you can connect with intuitively.  Crystals are used for a variety of spiritual purposes, and some are very helpful to have around the house.  The following list gives you some ideas.  Crystals don’t have to be expensive – a small pile of tumble-stones looks attractive and is cheap as well as easily obtained.  Have fun with crystals and make your home beautiful, and full of good vibes! If you’re interested in crystals, have a read of these essential articles first; ‘Choosing and Storing Your Crystals’, ‘Crystals for Relaxtion’ and ‘What Crystals Will Bring Me Love?’


What energies do you want to encourage in your living room?  If you have a family, chances are you’d like everyone to be peaceful and get on.  Rose quartz is the best crystal for this, with its gentle influence.  You can pile large, unpolished chunks of rose quartz near the hearth, or give pride of place to a gorgeous rose quartz heart, as an ornament.  We are beginning to realize the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation, and the telly can be a major culprit.  Place a piece of unakite crystal beside or on top of your TV to absorb the harmful rays. 

If you need a boost and want to feel encouraged at all levels, choose citrine for your living area.  It has cleansing and revitalizing effects, so if you live alone or if there is sickness in the house, citrine will help your main room feel up-beat and joyful.  Citrine brings healing, bright ideas and a sense of abundance – great for gatherings of friends.  The clarity of mind that citrine brings helps along family discussions and enables everyone to see the other’s point of view.


Sweet dreams are the gift of amethyst – a very spiritual stone.  If you place amethyst in your bedroom, when you enter the room you will feel the change in vibration, as if you are stepping into another world.  With amethyst by the bed, your dreams will be memorable and meaningful.  Choose a small amethyst ball for the most peaceful effect.

However, you’ll get a very different effect from red garnet.  This is your stone of choice for the bedroom if you want to pep up your sexuality, or that of your partner.  Put this beside the bed to stimulate lust.


While eating you want tranquility, cooperation and enthusiasm.  All this is given by jasper – an inexpensive stone that’s easy to obtain.  Try placing a candle at the table centre, surrounded by jasper tumbled stones.  On a physical level jasper is good for the digestion.  It reminds people to help each other, passing food around and sharing, and it also stimulates interesting conversation.  It’s great for family meals, but also if you are eating alone, and want to have a good appetite for your food, jasper is a great table mate.


You may be lucky enough to have a separate study, or you may have to manage with a desk, or collection of files in the corner of a room.  Having citrine (see above) close by while you work will aid concentration and bring clarity and inspiration.  The radiation from your computer can be harmful.  Place lepidolite near your screen to mop up negative vibes and to keep your mind sharp.


Agate is good to have beside the cooker or on the windowsill as this is a very grounding stone that will keep you calm as you cook, and give you a sense of connectedness with the natural world – it isn’t a fast-food stone!  Moss agate keeps you in tune with plants, refreshing and calming you.  Dendridic agate will keep you centred – and is good for house plants.  Fire agate is harder to obtain but helps battle cravings, so wear it close to your skin to stop you picking as you chop and stir.