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This is my Latest Course and it’ll be going off.
I will be taking you places within the inter-dimensional Multi-verse and yourself that’ll blow your mind.
I Love these courses and this is a Goodie.
Income Programming, Past Lifes, World Bridging (Clearing Ghosts/Spirits – Ethric beings), Reprogramming buildings and land masses, Elements and their karmic influences on your subconscious mind and so much more … Yahoo!!
This is the course that takes the limits off, if any of you have heard me speak and how passionate I get, it is nights like this that give me free reign to express myself.
Come and Learn how to be a Hu-man Being, to be on this planet we need to learn how to perceive an expanded inter-dimensional reality rather than a restricted and contracted singular reality.
Everything I teach is SIMPLE and NATURAL for everyone to learn and understand, my job is actually to help you re-member yourself … You already know all this stuff I just remind you.
This course covers all sorts of exciting and expanded thinking, it is mandatory for a God and Goddess to know these things.
You can do the whole course and prepay with a discount or come whatever night works for you …. the Main thing is you come and EXPAND YOURSELF!!
Everyone is Welcome and you’ll Love it.

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