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Face Yoga

By Danielle Collins

Face Yoga – THE FOREHEAD DAB – For Preventing and Reducing Forehead Lines

1. Start with your eyes either open or closed – whichever feels more comfortable.

2. Place the palm of your hand on the right side of your forehead. Press, or “dab,” your forehead gently, moving gradually across to the left, then back toward the right.

3. Start with one dab per second, then gradually slow it down to one dab every 10 seconds. Do this exercise for 1 minute in total.


Relaxing the frontalis muscle of your forehead means less tension. This exercise also improves circulation, keeping the skin refreshed and glowing.


Use this exercise to practice keeping your forehead still while widening the eyes –a great way to avoid expression lines.

Face Yoga – THE EYEBROW LIFT – For reducing and preventing hooded eyes

1. Place your two index fingers under the eyebrows. Very slowly close your eyes and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat twice more. You should feel a shaking in the upper part of your eyelids.

2. Lift your hands away from the eyebrows and place all your fingertips in the middle of the forehead. Very gently smooth the fingers away from each other toward your temples and then lift off. Keep the eyes wide and don’t raise the eyebrows. Repeat for 30 seconds.


The muscles in your forehead work against the resistance of the finger, which helps to build strength and tone.


Because this exercise asks you to raise your eyebrows, it should be followed by a forehead massage to ensure that the forehead muscle is relaxed following the exercise.

Face Yoga – THE BUTTERFLY- For reducing and Preventing Lines between the Eyebrows

1. Using your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger on both hands, smooth the area between the eyebrows. Move your hands away from each other, and when they reach the hairline, look down and hold for 10 seconds.

2. Bring the fingers back to your starting position and repeat twice more.

3. Now do the same exercise (3 sets of 10 seconds) but with your eyes wide open, ensuring you don’t raise the eyebrows.


The massaging action helps to relieve tension in your procerus muscle, which runs between your eyebrows, which can prevent lines being formed.


Try not to drag the skin too much with this exercise

Face Yoga – THE THINKER – For preventing and reducing double chin.

1. Make a fist and place it under your chin, pushing upward slightly.

2. Open and close your mouth 30 times. Keep pushing upward with your hand slightly. Your chin should be parallel to the floor.

3. Now hold your mouth open, and very slightly wrap your lips around your teeth. Hold for 30 seconds.


This exercise works on toning and strengthening many of your lower face muscles, and the fist acts as resistance to work the muscles in the lower jaw area.


If it feels more comfortable, you can rest your elbow on a table.

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