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Forget the Guru! You Are the Master of Your Universe

The realization that life is happening right now, that the part of your life you are living right now is not a waiting room, is an awakening to the now moment.

Our lives have been colored by the notion that later is when things will change or complete, resolve or unfold. From very early childhood we have been taught to hold on, until we get older always looking forward to the next step, the next grade in school, to be able to ride a bike, drive a car, get married, drink alcohol and get a real job. Then we want a perfect partner, children and a career. The list is endless. We are always keeping our focus forward, using future events and life experiences as our ‘outside ourselves’ guidance and keepers.

Our society is built on everyone following leaders and authorities, with each of us doing less of the thinking and more of the following. We are taught to hold our tongue, to wait our turn, and follow the rules. Not every family is the same, but in general it is safe to say that children are told to listen to grown-ups, no matter what they are capable of teaching or setting as an example — and we take that program with us. And as a result, we keep waiting for someone else to tell us what to do, what to believe, when, how, and how many times.

I remember going to school, where we were standing in line before class. Being told when to sit, when to stand, and when to use the restroom. I remember the fear of being reprimanded, the fear of having to give a note from my teacher to my parents. I remember being fearful towards anything that was related to an authority. This is the programming that will follow you; as the fear of not-being-good-enough, or doing well enough. It will lead to blindly following a doctor, a minister, or any State official’s opinion. As a result, we end up as a follower and a non-thinker.

Think about it; How often do you look to others for validation, or a second opinion? How often do you call a friend to discuss any decisions you have to make, and need the agreement from at least that one friend before you act? It is what we were taught to do, and it is keeping us from being the freedom of expression that we are. Most of all, it’s keeping us from listening to our innerguidance. We are so used to looking outwards, and forwards, we have lost the ability to listen to where the real answer is, inside every single one of us, right now.

You are the one living your life, the glory and the pain, every single part of it. There is no one to blame, to turn to, or to hide behind when life seems to be stuck or imbalanced. This is your own play, start, middle and finish, even though you may not be fully aware that you are actually directing the entire show.

We will dig into the how’s and why’s of the dirty hidden truth, but first of all, this is the ultimate key, the single most important inspirational simple fact you need to understand: You are the storyteller and the writer of your play. And you tell it by being present in the now moment.

You are healer of your past, and the master of your universe.

The leading role was yours from the very beginning, even though most of us like to look at it differently. Giving away our power is easy, familiar, and at times very comfortable. That way we can point at other’s shit, and call it.

Look at your life as a stage and the plot as your life story. All the drama, the action and the hurts, the joy the happy times and the successes, all part of your amazing life story, all cast, directed and played so well. You, the leading role, casting director, movie director and writer, living out your dream, literally. And everyone beside you have leads in their own movie. Sure, there are other leading roles in your story, significant people that definitely have strong influence on the plot, but you are always the one casting them. You are the hire and fire unit. You are the one on-set 24/7, with sole authority.

The responsibility connected with this role is magnificent, and yet, you may not even know it is yours! You might think that one of your parents holds the lead role in your life, or your spouse, or even your children; anyone but you, and that is “normal”. Welcome to the club. The club of bullshit.
Like a soap opera, our lives revolve around family drama, sex, material growth, success in business, health and sickness, fear of aging and ultimately dying. Everything that we have been programmed to see as our life. From looking at other movies, getting pointers and tips, we are creating the best movie we know how with what we have in place. But, completely stripped of the ability to see ourselves and our position, we keep acting out this role called life on autopilot.

If that is what you are satisfied doing, no change necessary. Real changes and self-responsibility will make it impossible for you to keep living without purpose. It will make you want to wake up and realize that what you have been fed and the role you’ve accepted is not serving your higher purpose, and is by no means letting you spread your wings and fly like you were supposed to.

Ask yourself:

• What if what I believe and was taught is not all true?
• What if there is more to life than what I am seeing?
• What if my programming is running my life?
• What if my fears are limiting my expression?
• What if I am the only one responsible for my experiences?
• What if I am re-living an old story?
• What if I am powerful beyond belief?
• What if I am the real authority in my life?
• What if I can change anything?
• What if happiness is a choice?
• What if all I have to do is choose, and live that change in the now moment?
• What if?

When we start to wonder, to think outside our invisible box, to ask questions, we are at the same time asking for guidance to see the truth. We are tapping into the divine — into our wisdom and inner power. Simply by asking ourselves to change, a seed has been planted. You need no Guru or leader. You need no one to follow or to copy and look towards. This doesn’t mean that you will be alone, or never get any support, it simply means that you choose who you listen to. It means that you do so from a true and honest de-cluttered standpoint, with the ability to acknowledge what is in your own, your loved ones, and the world’s best interest. You see, once you get rid of the non-truths spinning around in the control room, everything becomes clear. Throw in some courage and passion for life, and unstoppable is the outcome.

What we have lived up until this point is the true reflection of our beliefs. If you are wondering what your subconscious mind is telling you, look at your life. If you are wondering what you really believe, look at your life. If you are wondering what you think or feel about anything, look at your life.

Your life never lies, it tells it like it is. Own that, and you own your life, your entire story. Own that, and you are on your way to reprogramming and deleting your false beliefs. We know better, so we can do better. Step one is knowing it is there; step two is knowing you can change the script, delete scenes we don’t want to play out, and write some new ones instead.

As you walk towards the awakening of your inner guidance, all you need is your own true voice and power in each and every moment.
No doubt we are all a part of the grand creation, and the illusion of not being powerful and sovereign must be left behind. Any power given to someone else is a loss of energy. The truth is all about you.Looking toward others for direction, fixing and healing will only lead to a loss of creativity, enthusiasm and power.
So, what does this all mean? Well, for you it could mean that by taking charge, by realizing that you never needed a Guru, an authority or anyone but YOU, real healing can begin. It could mean that by stepping up to the plate and living your life like the lead that you are, your aches and pains will vanish. You can only find out what it means to you by moving forward, out of the victim mode, and into the empowered mode.

True health is at the end of your own DO-ing. Your own em-POWER-ing.

By Hilde Larsen

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