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How to give a ‘reading’, by Kevin Reed

There is no right way nor wrong way to give a reading.

So what is a reading. Someone who comes to you because they believe you have the ability to see the future and give guidance.

Play the part 😊 Don’t look things up or refer to books…you are meant to already know, so if you don’t know, just say the best thing that feels right for you. Chances are that what you do say is the thing you are meant to say.

Don’t talk, talk, talk, but make it a two-way experience. Ask, does this make sense to you, do you know what I mean, can you understand what I am saying?

A good format is to start by asking them what it is that they think is going to happen today and what is it you think I do.

This will give you an idea of what to do lol.

It also gives you the chance to say, oh no….I don’t do that or this because of these reasons. For example, I don’t talk to loved ones in spirit because it is them that talk to me. And if they don’t want to talk or do not know they can talk, then there is nothing I can do about it.


With Maori clients. THIS IS IMPORTANT

Say before I start, allow me to just close my eyes and get permission from your Tupuna to proceed. And then in your mind imaging you are being Powhiri’d onto a marae. Remember what you imagine as you are welcomed on the marae. Once you are allowed in. then you open your eyes, tell them what you experienced and then say, I can now start the reading.

The reading.

Maybe just tell them what you feel, or see or know about their life and situation. If this makes sense to them, say, if I was you, I would want to know if……. Does that make sense. They will say yes or no and from there you can then answer what it is they would want to know.

Kind of have a beginning, a middle and an end.

This is why you are here

This is what I see happening around you

This is what is going to happen.

With futures, don’t back yourself in a corner where they can come back to you later on and say, well you said this was going to happen and it didn’t… so be vague lol.

REMEMBER: always ENCOURAGE PEOPLE…remind them what a fantastic person they are and encourage them to follow their dreams (within reason) or inspire them to have dreams.

When it comes to drugs…the answer is always:

This is not the best thing you could be doing for yourself right now.

If at anytime you think of a name that you cannot shake from your head, then ask them in these words exactly:

Who is ….?????

DO NOT say do you know someone called (say John)? NEVER do that, but rather say to them. WHO IS JOHN? They will reply, ‘my Dad’, or whatever, or even my partner…because its living or dead. That opens the door to some mediumship. If they say, I do not know…then you say that’s ok. I was given the name, so I had to ask you and then LEAVE IT ALONE. Carry on another subject or whatever, but don’t dwell on the name, ever.

I hope this is helpful

The reading should take between 30 to 40 mins.

DO NOT ALLOW RECORDING!!!!! Tell them they can takes notes if they want, but NEVER allow recording…it will get you in the shit somehow sometime in the future for sure (human nature).

Below are some notes form my class.



Emotions change energy patterns and vibrations. Becoming sensitive to the energy around a person gives us a clue to their emotions.


The atmosphere is reflective of the density in the person’s aura. The person brings it in with them and you can feel it and therefore interpret it.

What is the atmosphere like. Is it heavy. Is it light. Are you buzzing or are you stinging. Can you see sparkles in the air.

Ethics and The Code


Your purpose is to uplift the spirits of the person who has come to you for a sitting. Before you begin, try to tune into what it is that this person really wants. If it is guidance, use the reading to break and pause every now and then and give guidance.

If it is upliftment, use the reading to reinforce the unique beauty in the enquirer that every person has.

If the enquirer leaves after the sitting looking just as sad or worse, even sadder – then you have failed. Your main objective is to use the sitting to heal and uplift. To infuse the universal life force. To be of value!


You have the opportunity to say the words that may change the enquirer’s life for ever; to empower them. Please use this influence with care. Do you want to be the reason that somebody went and did something foolish because of your advice? This is why it is important to stop every now and then and just check that the enquirer understands what it is you are saying. If you do not have this checking procedure in your readings then you have no control on how your words and actions are interpreted by the enquirer.


Beware that the guidance is not marred by your own prejudices and life’s experiences. How do you know what to say and how do you know what you are saying is prudent.

You do not have to say anything, they have come to you for a healing, not a counselling session, or have they? Again, get to know your enquirer before you begin. Build rapport. Ask what it is that they hope to achieve by the reading they have come to you for. Now that you know their objective, then fulfil it. Your job is to meet their expectations, not your own hidden agenda!

Guidance never says do this or do that. True guidance says these are your options, these are the advantages and disadvantages, now you make the decision knowing the consequences of your pending action. You are there to support, guide – not to make the decisions.

Once you find yourself lecturing the enquirer, then give up – you have lost the plot! – Unless of course, the enquirer requested a lecture, in which case you are fulfilling their expectations!

Assistance, not domination!