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If I were Spirit – what would make me sad?

Would I be sad watching humanity at war? Would I be sad watching the despair of poverty? Would I be sad with the injustice, sickness, misery and loss that humanity endures?

What would make me sad, if I were spirit?

Well, first off – there is a flaw in the question. It is the personification of spirit – the giving of human qualities to a force finer than humanity. Spirit is above being sad, angry, happy, jealous and all those other human frailties.

If I were spirit – what would make me sad?


Humanity has created war, disease, crime, poverty and since humanity has created it, humanity is working to overcome it. If I were spirit, looking over the progress of humanity I would understand that such misery is unavoidable, but in itself most helpful – It reflects humanity and is a measure of humanity’s spirituality, and all humanity must accept responsibility for it for all humanity is linked one way or another.

If I were spirit – I would let be and let the progress take it’s natural course as engineered by humanity. I would not be sad for I would see the bigger picture – I would be the bigger picture!

Spirit facilitates – Spirit has provided the stage, for which we the actors must play our part. Spirit has provided the classroom in which we the students must solve our own lessons.

Spirit just is – and we must understand this. It is pointless believing Spirit will be sad, or Spirit will be angry – Spirit will be nothing of a sort. Spirit will be Spirit. Always has, is now and always will be.

Do not pray for Spirit’s intervention in the misery of day to day living – Ask for Spirit’s example of guidance in taking responsibility for our own lives. Self empowerment.

Recently, I had to ask Spirit a question, I said, “Dear Spirit, I have to make a decision. Will I do this – or will I do that?” And the answer was that it does not matter what I do because whatever the outcome Spirit is about freewill. To choose, learn and meet our own challenges. It is almost as if the answer is – as long as I take responsibility for what I do then that is being true to myself and I will be one step closer to understanding.

But, you ask – even I prey to Spirit – there must be a Good path as compared to a Bad one and surely we all prey that Spirit will guide us to which is which. Well, I am afraid – Spirit will not! – Spirit will let us choose our own path – for it does not really matter what you do, Spirit will always be there.

It is like a father watching his son make mistakes, the father is still there letting the son learn from his own experiences – not interfering with the individual path. That is why Spirit judges no one. Spirit is there for criminals and saints alike. Spirit is the bigger picture.

If we err this lifetime, no matter, the same challenge will face us next lifetime – then again and again until it is resolved. Spirit is the bigger picture.

It does not matter if they’re bad – I say – What about conscience you ask. To go with your own conscience when asking a question, because deep down inside we all know the difference between right and wrong.

Conscience is not Spirit – it is us! AND if we follow our conscience then we are following our heart. We take self-empowerment – self-responsibility. If we ignore our conscience then we dishonour ourselves and always deep down will feel loss.

Conscience is not Spirit – Conscience is us and conscience is not always right! It is made from the environment we grew. Conscience and Spirit feeling sad, or Conscience and freewill are not linked other than to say if we did not follow our conscience, Spirit would not be sad. Spirit gives us the freewill to do what ever we may – and whatever we may – Spirit is there.

If you say Spirit told me to do this – It is not Spirit. For Spirit gives you freewill to do whatever you choose. It is your connection to Spirit that really tells you what to do.

If I were Spirit what would make me sad?

This is a question that reflects a misunderstanding of Spirit. It ignores the principles of freewill, it ignores that fact that Spirit is not subject to humanity’s frailties, it ignores that goal of self empowerment and responsibility for my own actions.

If I were Spirit, what would make me sad?

The answer is:





Kevin Reedã May 1999

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