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Learn Psychic Craft

Hi, my name is Kevin Reed and I have been a Psychic Medium Healer for over 40 years. I also facilitate Tauranga’s Psychic Café, the largest regular Spiritual, Psychic and Healing Meet in the Bay of Plenty.

How would you like to be a practicing Psychic, giving real
people real messages in a real Psychic meet.

Well, here is your opportunity.

Starting Tuesday evening, the 23rd of April, 2019, from 7.00pm to 9.00 pm – I will be running a 12-week learning course teaching you how to do it.

I can’t tech you how to be Psychic, that is a natural thing
you do on your own, but I can teach you how to use your Psychic skills and give you an authentic understanding of the New-Age ‘language’ and tools used today.

Take advantage of my 40 years doing this, learn from me and I will endorse and support you on your journey, giving and providing outlets for you to continue as a Psychic.

Be sure, this is not a gentle meditation and soft discussion
group. This is the real thing; actual learning. You are the student and I am the teacher.

Contact me now, find out the details: it’s affordable, lots
of laughs and FREE chocolate fish!

Stars soon, limited numbers, get in first!

Oh, and unlike some classes where you learn a skill and then have no where nor support to actually do what you have learnt, well, here you get to work at the Psychic Café after you complete the course, for FREE, now that’s a good deal!

Thanking you kindly,

Kevin Reed

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