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How Many Hidden Numbers Can You Find In This Puzzle?

According to Healthy Living, participating in brain puzzles and teasers can prevent cognitive decline. Furthermore, mind teasers are, for most people, fun, like the numbers puzzle below! And perhaps brain teasers are also a great way to train our demanding brains a lesson in patience! In this fast-paced world, we’ve learned to want what we want now, and not a minute or two later will do. Why not spend some time rewiring your impatient brain with a few puzzles every day? Your mind will thank you for it!

Here is a puzzle you can do right now! Take a look at the jumbled image below. Perhaps you see one or two, maybe even three numbers, but there are even more than that! How many numbers do you see? See if you can figure it out on your own, first, but if you can’t, scroll down for the solution.
How many numbers do you see in this clustered figure?

Alright! How did you do? How many numbers were you able to see? Maybe you should give yourself a little more time before you spoil it for yourself. But if you’re ready for the solution, scroll down and find it below.
Here is the solution:

Were you surprised by the solution? …Ten numbers altogether! Did you find all of them on your own, or did you need to look at the answer for some of them? Be sure to share this with your friends. Maybe they’ll be able to find all ten on their own. See how they fare by sharing this fun puzzle now!


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  1. Steven M Fuhrman

    Infinity symbol if you turn it on side

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