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No, you cannot heal your own chakras!

By Kevin Reed may have seen an advert going around facebook….

‘Yes, you can heal your own chakras!’

No! you can not heal your own chakras!

The ‘chakra’ is a swirling vortex of energy situated at various places within and emanating from the body.

The thing is, there is another energy that causes these chakras to swirl. In a way, the chakras are the ‘effect’ of our state of being and not the ‘cause’.

You can not heal an effect! You use the effect to measure the cause, but you cannot heal it!

It is like, ‘I water the plant to help it grow’ the magic is in the watering of the plant. How the plant looks is the effectiveness or outcome of your watering it.

Simple really, isn’t it?

Chakras are like the clothes we wear. or the cover of the book…they are an outward representation and manifestation of what is happening inside…if you are shitty, they turn brown and if you are happy, they turn to sunshine…they respond in accordance of how we are internally (at our core).  So, we use them to measure and understand what is happening on the inside. You just can’t change the colour or form of the chakra…you have to hold the hand of the person and they, themselves will change their inner being. Accordingly, the chakras will show that change.


Acceptance means we accept ourselves as we are – that is where the magic is; that is where changes are authentic; that is where we find contentment – chakras are just the clothes we wear.

Changing the clothes will not change the person…and if the person chooses what clothes to wear, they choose what they want and not what we want.

You cannot heal the chakras because the chakras are not broken 

Disclaimer: In my educated opinion with 40 plus years metaphysical experience.