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Numbers are an important part of the symbolism of
any tarot card. The science of numerology is an
important aspect of the occult, and numbers are at
the foundation of every aspect of human knowledge.
As you probably know, numbers can be meaningful
symbols, as well as components of mathematics.

Let’s take a look at the numbers 0 – 10 and
then discuss how they can be useful as tools for
your tarot readings.

ZERO (0)

Meanings: No-Thing; the Cosmic Egg, infinite,
endless, super-consciousness. This is usually the
number of The Fool. It is the nothingness before
anything manifests. It is an idea or flash of
creativity. It is change and possibility.

Questions for Querent:

 – Are you taking too many risks?

 – In what area of this situation do you feel a lack
   of creative spontaneity?

ONE (1)

Meanings: The beginning, the first step,
singleness, independence, attention, awareness and

Questions for Querent:
 – Are you scattering your energies unwisely?
 – What is the best way to initiate action to resolve
    this situation?
 – What steps can you take to…?

TWO (2)

Meanings: Duality, receptivity, repetition,
polarity, duplication, separation, division,
cycles, joining and partnerships.

Questions for Querent:

 – What should you pay attention to in order to bring

    balance to your life or this issue?
 – What resources can best be combined to achieve
    maximum results?


Meanings: Multiplying, growing; increase, trinity,
two forces plus one, expansion, harmony, fruition,
and well-being.

Questions for Querent:

 – What will assist in your productivity?
 – What talents are you not honoring or trusting to
   bring about the growth you seek?

FOUR (4)

Meanings: Solid foundation, order, tradition,
methods, regulation,  control, security,
completeness, definition and authority.

Questions for Querent:
 – What areas in this situation are unstable or
 – What is the highest truth or wisdom you should
   know at this time?
 – What is the best way to gain control in this crisis?

FIVE (5)

Meanings: conflict, intervention, struggle,
disruption, freedom, mediation, lack of balance,
adaptation, strife, war and opposition.

Questions for Querent:
 – What is the first step to calm this disruption?
 – Who is the best person to mediate between
   “___” and “___”?
 – How can you best avoid a conflict with “___”?

SIX (6)

Meanings: The number of perfection in humanity,
interchange, accomplishment, suitable response,
coordination, communication, advancement, victory,
symmetry and beauty.

Questions for Querent:
 – What is the best way to communicate your ideas?
 – What is the best way to gain victory against your
 – What is it that you need to let go of at this time?


Meanings: Power, victory, support, dominion,
mastery, conquest, peace, steadiness, discipline
and discernment.

Questions for Querent:

  – How can you become balanced and steady?
  – What is the best way to gain an advantage in this
  – What are you missing on the path to self-mastery?


Meanings: Courage, pulsation, vibration, patience,
reason, positive influence, flux and reflux,
generosity, skill, ambition, forgiveness and

Questions for Querent:
  – Where are you lacking courage and determination?
  – What is the best use of your skills?
  – What hidden resources can you tap into for this

NINE (9)

Meanings: Results, conclusion, purpose, expression
of 3×3, perfection, purity, gestation, finalization,

achievement, perseverance, accomplishing the

Divine Will.

Questions for Querent:
  – What strengths can you draw upon at this time?
  – How can you expand in this area of your life to
    bring about more success?
  – What is missing or hidden that will bring
    completion to this project?

TEN (10)

Meanings: Divine Law, completion of a single
cycle, manifestation, starting again, wholeness,
evolution, action, repetition and change.

Questions for Querent:
  – How can you prevent repeating negative cycles?
  – Where can you look for inspiration?
  – How can you become more fulfilled in your
    marriage, career, etc?

These questions can be used to rephrase the
querent’s inquiry or can be asked of the querent
to bring additional awareness. Pay attention to
numbers that may cluster in your spread; for
instance, three cards of the same number. This may
suggest something of special importance about the