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Phoenix presents MEET THE MEDIUMS

Phoenix Spiritual Centre will be presenting a MEET THE MEDIUMS evening with 5 mediums from Tauranga and Katikati.

These mediums will be: Kevin Reed, Andy Bryan, Garry Hamnett, Gavin Knight and Fiona Hewett.

This is an annual event and will be held at the Katikati Community Centre, Beach Road, Katikati. Entry is $20.00. Cash ONLY – no EFTPOS.

Come and hear some of the Bay’s top mediums who will offer messages from your loved ones.

THIS IS NOT A FREE EVENT. $20.00 ENTRY cash only, no Eftpos. 

Event by Phoenix Spiritual Centre

Katikati Community Centre

Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 7 PM

Duration: 2 hr