There are plenty of workshops being run from Hair Linez at the moment
Why is that.?
Well i like to empower people so that they can help to heal themselves.
I work on the theory that you having that knowledge helps to get results much quicker and for a longer duration. As a healer, i can do the work on my own if i have to.Getting you to help yourselves when you at home progresses you much quicker.
For those who know how i work, everyone gets homework. Those that do their homework will improve much quicker than those that do not.
You see you are carrying on the work and topping up the treatment.
So workshops are provided so i give you some knowledge and insight into how the healing modality works.
Think about it. You want to by a new tv. So you do your homework, you do research and find out what would fit your needs best, not the other way around.
Knowledge is power and power gets you to know what you want and how to get it. I am merely a facilitator to aid and assist you.
are being run at the Beginners, Intermediate and advanced levels. So you know what is happening during your treatment and why. How can you help yourself at home and put it into practice for everyday life.
are simple techniques for you to learn to help yourself at home. To learn to use those pretty little things to your advantage in everyday life.
to help you focus and tune into your innerself. To help you see what is really important and what is not. To relax and de-stress and take time out of your busy days. To just do something for you and you alone.
Fee free to contact Elaine if you have any questions or dates for courses running at the moment.

Crystal Meditation 4th April 7-8pm Tauranga$10.00
Reflexology Beginners 11th April 7-9pm Te Puke $20.00
Crystal Meditation 3rd May 7-8pm Tauranga $10.00
Reflexology Intermediate 6th May 1-3pm Te Puke $20.00