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This is why Psychic Cafe is so amazing!

The Psychic Cafe Tauranga is special because it endorses and encourages practitioners from the many variables of the New Age, Spiritual and Healing umbrella, to use it’s opportunities to shine! There is no judgement, no rules, conditions or criteria other than a passion for Spirituality and Healing, as long as there is no preaching!

We are so happy to have Elaine Sollitt return: with her crystal knowledge and her vibrant passionate exuberance including and sharing her knowledge on a practical basis for everyday life.

Come and meet her as well as our other practitioners there for you to enjoy and benefit.

This Sunday at the Greerton Community Hall, Tauranga. Doors open at 6.45pm and it starts at 7.00pm. One time only door fee of $10 and everything, yes everything, else is FREE.

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