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Quickie Palmistry

Palmistry is the study of the whole hand – not just the palm. Did you know that the shape of the hands and the lines on your palm tell the story of your personality? There’s a great deal you can spot about your friends and family – and maybe more importantly people you don’t know so well – by looking at their hands.

 You may not have a chance to look closely at people’s hands, but here are a few signs you can spot immediately, to give you a heads-up.

 Read about:

  • Length of fingers
  • Shapes of fingers
  • Shapes of hands
  • Line of Life
  • Line of Head
  • Line of Heart


It’s usually easy to spot finger-length, but don’t be too hasty. Slender fingers may look longer than they are while sturdy fingers may look shorter. Fingers are considered long when they’re longer than the palm and short when shorter.

 LONG FINGERS. This person takes a while to make up their mind and may be a tad impractical, or at least material things aren’t top of their list. Ideals matter to them and they may be thoughtful and reasonable.

 SHORT FINGERS. This is a sign of impulsiveness and spontaneity. This person could be thoughtless and impatient, but they probably have good instincts. Probably they also like creature comforts, and will be aware of your comfort too.

 MEDIUM FINGERS. This person is fairly balanced between what’s practical and what’s theoretical. They don’t like to be hurried but cope fairly well with most circumstances.


 SMOOTH FINGERS. This person grasps the situation quickly and takes action. They probably go through life on a need-to-know basis and like results rather than theory. They’re resourceful, and if they get into trouble they can slide out of it.

 KNOTTY FINGERS. Most people have finger-joints that stand out a little. The more prominent the knots are, the more analytical and precise the person, the more they come up against the ‘knots’ in life. This person likes to know what they’re dealing with but sometimes they may almost look for trouble and create obstacles for themselves. Although they get bogged down, they’re philosophical and wise.


There are several basic hand-shapes which give you a good clue to the personality. Most people are a bit of a mixture, but you’ll usually see an overall pattern.

SQUARE HAND. The palm is square the fingers have square tips.  This means the person is practical and logical. They believe what they see and value what they can feel and touch. Methodical and careful, they can be determined and stubborn. They may lack imagination but be very capable.

 SPATULATE HAND. The fingers splay slightly at the tips, making the tips broader than the stem of the finger. The entire hand may have the same look. This person is active, original and resourceful. They are ‘different’ and may make their mark as an inventor or entrepreneur.

 PHILOSOPHIC HAND. Long, bony, thin, angular and with knotty joints? This is the eternal student, always pondering. This person is probably careful about details and is preoccupied with the meaning of life. They may forget to pay the bills but they’ll be a mine of information.

 CONIC HAND. This has a graceful shape with pointed finger-tips.  This person loves beauty and is very sensitive. They are probably creative, although they will succeed better in this if there are some aspects of the square or spatulate hand combined.

 PSYCHIC HAND. Very delicate and slender, this is the hand of someone who tends to be in another world. They may find it very hard indeed to cope with this world, but occasionally this kind of person can be quite selfish and subtly manipulative. They may have amazing intuition and insight – make sure you know how they use this before getting close.


This starts above the thumb, circles the base of the thumb and goes down towards the wrist. In the old days the length of the Line of Life was considered to predict how long you would live. However, it’s better seen as a mark of vitality. A Life-line that forms a wide semi-circle, deep and strong, denotes a lust for life whereas one that is fainter or seems to restrict the base of the thumb, shows more timidity and hesitation.


 This runs from under the index finger, across the palm. The longer it is the more the person thinks and the more logical they are. If the line slopes down, it indicates great imagination. If it’s separated from the Line of Life at its start it means independence, whereas if it’s joined, this person may have greater struggle thinking for themselves and may be influenced by their past and their upbringing.


 This starts under the little finger and runs towards the index finger. It’s good to see a wide space both between the heart and head lines and between the heart line itself and the bases of the fingers. A long Heart Line that curves up between the index and ring fingers indicates warmth. A shorter, straighter line may mean a person who is less emotional and/or has a simpler emotional nature.