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See the Pattern, Get the Message, Make the Change

Own your problem by recognizing your part in it.

We all have recurring problems, situations and obstacles in our lives. How you choose to handle a negatively charged situation can tell you a great deal about yourself and show you new aspects of who you truly are.

In that sense; all obstacles are actually ‘portals’ through which you can expand in your consciousness – by learning new things about who you are.

If you keep avoiding a problem and ignoring the pattern it is creating in your life, it will reappear over and over again in different shapes and forms with increasing impact, until you deal with it.

You will keep attracting ‘bad’ situations into your reality until:

1. You see the pattern.
3. Make a change.

We live in an expanding Universe that wants us to push our boundaries, so it can grow through us. We are not here to suffer. We are here to learn new things about our selves and expand in our consciousness.

If you have the courage to ask yourself why you are responding and reacting in the way you are when encountering an obstacle or a recurring problem – and be open-minded enough to act on the answers with integrity and full responsibility – you have an opportunity to actually grow and even ‘change your stars’.

The trick is to look at the problem without ‘outsourcing’ the cause. It is so easy to blame others for our unhappiness, anger, stress and emotional pain. But by ‘outsourcing’ the root of our discomfort we not only give away our power to resolve it, we also lose the benefit of learning the lesson we need in order to grow.

Remember; you cannot change what you do not own. Own your problem by recognizing your part in it.

Since your vibratory state (frequency)—thoughts, emotions and beliefs—determines what you experience in your immediate reality, an important question to ask yourself is: ‘What do I need to change in order to get a different manifestation?’

Unless you are a child, you are the one responsible for your own wellbeing and happiness. By recognizing the problem pattern and acting on it honestly, you can transform the limitations and inertia that are a result of the unsolved problem into freedom and enjoyment in the present.

Because, as we all know; it is in the conflicts, problems and obstacles that the greatest possibilities for growth and illumination reside.

This is actually one of the main reasons why the negative aspect of our reality exists. The Universe is not serving you negatively charged situations because it is working against you. You were not born under an unlucky star.

A recurring problem or obstacle is a reminder that you have unresolved issues affecting your perception of reality in a negative way. It is your soul telling you that you are out of alignment with your source and that you are not in tune with your natural frequency and your purpose in life. This deviation from the frequency of your source and who you truly are, expresses itself as emotional or physical pain and results in suffering.

In that sense; an obstacle is just a reminder to adjust your frequency, and to align with your source. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Your source emanates the high frequency of unconditional love, joy and abundance, which means that the low frequency of suffering cannot ‘get’ you there. Actually, suffering will never ‘get’ you anywhere – at least not where you consciously want to be.

Suffering serves a purpose only as a wake-up call, but the suffering as such should be limited. Suffering is a ‘tool’ you can use to learn something new about yourself. Though in the long run, it is not a beneficial frequency to stay in.

To heighten your frequency away from suffering, you need to acknowledge the real problem without dwelling on it. You need to ask yourself how you attracted it, without allowing the information to trap you into guilt and remorse. Remember: there are no mistakes, only feedback. When you have figured out the subconscious belief behind the frequency that attracted the problem, you have learned your ‘lesson’, received your ‘message’ or gained your ‘wisdom’, and you can let it go.

I know that this can sometimes be hard to do. But if you can tilt your perspective a bit and see the obstacle as a little ‘Buddha-in-Disguise’ giving you great opportunities to evolve, you will be able to come closer to your soul-source and allow yourself to change your future in a constructive and beneficial way. While at the same time, letting go of emotional ‘baggage’ such as suffering, regret and guilt.

The message your problems and obstacles are giving you is not, dwell on your suffering, be a victim, feel sorry for yourself, give up…. What your little ‘Buddha-in-Disguise’ is trying to communicate to you is: that everything is solvable. Everything is a learning opportunity. Enjoy the joy of unveiling more of who you are.

Obstacles always present opportunities. Valuable information about yourself is imbedded in your reaction to the problem. Use the feedback to change your path, rethink your strategies and above all, to seek joy!

Gordana Biernat, M.A.

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