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Tarot card spread: Celtic Spread

The secret in reading cards is to use the cards as prompts and then weave their meanings together to tell a story. A past, present and future.

The Celtic cross is ideal for this:

Basically you have a centre card, this represents the persons current situation and where they are at on their path at the time.  A card is laid across the centre card and this represents what is crossing them, a barrier or issue that needs to be faced for them to continue on their path.

Underneath these two cards is the underlying energy. The below the suffice matters, the subconscious, programmed by life’s experience and the persons attitudes, desires and fears.

On top of these two cards is the overarching emerging, the bigger picture and what this whole reading is, at it’s core, about, from a spiritual perspective.

To the left of these two centre cards is the near past and to the right is the near future. Knowing the recent past and future allows us to place the current situation into a time frame, a process of the steps in one’s path.

To the right of the above 6 cards are 4 cards to be read from bottom up.

The first of these is the person themselves, their inner self and how the feel and perceive the situation.

The next card up is the outer self, or the environment around them or how other people perceive their situation.

The second from the top card is what they want and the top card is what will happen.

This is a beautiful spread that allows a lot of guidance, counselling, understanding and direction for the person who is getting the reading.

Everything must gel together to form a story.

Remember, read the cards and not the person!

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