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The Power of the New Moon


How the New Moon Affects Us

The new moon is the time to implement new plans, to manifest whatever you desire in your life, start a new project or seek out a new job. It is a time of growth and prosperity. This is the time to make improvements in all areas of your life from your personal appearance, to love, to adopting a new pet.

There is an old wives’ tale that if you want your hair to grow, give it a light trim during the new moon. It is also believed that the new moon is the perfect time to conceive a child. The new moon is the ideal time to plant your garden for a more robust harvest.

Some practitioners of mystical workings often see the new moon as a “reset button”. If something wasn’t working before, now is the time to reassess and start your efforts anew.

The new moon is a highly spiritual time in which any plans for personal growth should be implemented. This is the time to embrace your spirituality and be more focused on manifestations.

If any of your personal relationships are suffering, the new moon is the ideal time to try and make things right. Apologies are best given during this moon phase as they will be better received. If you and your significant other have agreed to go to joint counseling, this is the time to start as you will each be more open to talking with the other and trying new techniques to get your relationship back on track.

Been wanting to write a book but haven’t been able to take that first step. This is the time to do it! Start a new home project.

Just as the full moon exerts a strong gravitation pull, so does the new moon phase. Many people report having trouble sleeping during this time. Also, some persons experience unexplained headaches. People tend to naturally wake earlier and eat more throughout the day.

If you are an introvert by nature, try to plan any group activities outside of the new moon phase as your emotions and sensitivity will be heightened when the moon is new.

The darkness of the new moon may also bring a bit more negativity into your life so be extra mindful of this and work to compensate with a more focused, overall positive outlook.
Remaining positive during this time may take some effort, but it must be done in order to ensure success later.

While the new moon is the ideal time to implement new projects and beginnings, be careful to not overextend yourself. Do not start so many projects that nothing gets done. Be selective. Prioritize.

The new moon phase is the perfect time for all kinds of creative projects. You may find yourself overflowing with ideas. Keep a journal or just a simple list so you don’t lose any of these quickly occurring thoughts. Maybe even invest in a voice recorder as the ideas may flow quite rapidly.

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