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Understand what Dimensions’ are and how to access them in the most easiest way possible!

What is the key that allows us to go through the door into other dimensions?

Better still, why must there be a key that allows us to go through such a ‘door’?

Even better, who created the key? Who created the door?

There is a door, or a veil, connecting the dimensions. But, by “dimensions” you must understand what that actually is. By door, or veil, you must understand exactly what that is.

Once you are able to fully understand, comprehend and be part of – then you will know where the key is and of what form it takes. Then you will be able to answer the questions raised in the beginning of the discourse.

When you look out through a closed window onto a scene that is on the other side, you can focus in one of several places. You could focus on the window, in which case the scene outside would be out of focus, fuzzy or maybe not registering with what you see. This does not mean that it is not there but, means that you are not focusing on it. Likewise, you may focus on the scene and thus become unaware of the window that you are looking through.
The universe has many windows and many scenes all existing at the same time and the same place. What you see depends on where you are looking from and what you are focusing on. For the most part, we all focus on the window and do not get to see the scenes. This is because we have been taught through life that the window exists and the scenes do not.
Within this analogy you may understand terms like dimensions (the scenes), doors or veils (the window) and the key (Focus).

This simple analogy answers most questions concerning the key.

Consider this analogy, as well.

We are made up of energy. It is true !?! – scientists have put matter under the most powerful microscopes and come up with energy that vibrates at different frequencies. We are all made up of energy and everything you think you can see and touch is nothing more than energy also. In reality, using this revelation – it could be said that nothing exists (but that is another subject)!.

The physical selves that we can see, hear and touch is what is reflective of the most dense part of our overall vibrational being. Our overall vibrational being is much larger than what can be physically seen. In this sense we do not have different bodies but rather, our bodies are extended through different vibrational levels of which the physical eye can not see. In some cases, it is these parts of our being that dwell in the other dimensions. So, in fact, we too, are a part of the other dimensions. Quantum Physics touches on this when they talk about simultaneous reaction. In deed, the T.V. programme ‘Sliders’ demonstrates the other dimensions as proposed by quantum physics theory very well.

If this is the case then we already dwell in other
dimensions and therefore do not need a key. Rather, we just need to be aware of this reality and focus our attention to this part of ourselves.

Now, bring the two analogies together and you have the answers!

There is no door. There is no key. There only is.

It is our own understanding, our own focus and our own perception point that enables us to be and see clearly other dimensions.

The keys and doors, as such, have been put there by ourselves to justify to ourselves that we and other dimensions are separate when this is not the fact. Our mind has played a trick on our essence.

The key is that there is no door!

When Edgar Cayce was asked what is the key, his reply was: By Application! Just be!

Author: Kevin Reed

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